Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So close I could have tasted it.

Not too long ago, I mentioned our possible "re-branding" of "The Comic Book Novice" radio show. I sent out a few feelers and one of the most promising of the replies came from the NYCC (and now also the C2E2) guys. Unfortunately, nothing came out of it. Seems (and rightly so) that they want to not have an "official voice" to keep relations copacetic with all the other media outlets that they work with to promote their con. That position didn't occur to me until it was brought to my attention. The good news is that we still have their continued support, just not use of their name.....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You be the Judge

Last post, I (very badly) Hinted I was going to be on Judge Alex. As (most of) you may know, there are only 2 reasons to be on a judge show. You are being sued, or are suing someone. Turns out I was suing someone. I was contacted by The People's Court, Judge Judy and Judge Alex.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Seems that if you agree to be on a show, 1) both parties have to agree to do it, 2) The show gives you an all expense paid trip to and from the show (including a hotel stay), and 3) Whoever the judgement is for, the show pays it (not the person you are suing, or yourself if you lose a counter claim). I had wanted to go on Judy because I watch that show and I really wanted the defendant to get yelled at. However, sadly this was not the case. I wound up on Alex. Another thing you may (or may not) know is that "you can't get blood from a rock". Meaning that if you sue someone and they have no money, you still get no money (something to think about when doing business for services rendered). So that is the draw for both parties involved.

So I decided it was the best way for me to get my money back and I get a free trip to Texas (where the show is filmed). BTW, After taking 4 planes in the course of 2 days, I think I no longer have a fear of flying.

In Texas, I was disappointed that I didn't see one person with a cowboy hat nor boots. I actually have seen more cowboys in NY than in Texas! Also, not a single person with a Texas accent! But, I had the best steak. It was at Pappa Bros Steakhouse. It was pricey, and all the food was A-La-Cart, but it was worth it. The show was another story.

While My Texas Trip was pleasant, being on the show was not. Let me put it to you this way. It was as if I was going to a boxing match where I was the favored contender but it turns out that I was in a wrestling match instead. Meaning they fought dirty, and while I got my money, I don't think I won the fight. Maybe when the show airs I won't look so bad, but after taping, I felt a little dirty and used...

A few days later, I think about it like this: it's TV. The end result is to make for a good show. I guess that's why Judge Judy's tag line is "Real cases, real people". Because a lot of other shows are fake. Just look at the "reality" shows. they aren't real at all.

At least (while I didn't mention it by name) I did talk about my show!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big Apple....Better or Worse?

I was going to talk about Judge Alex this week, but this bit of information came along this past week. A while ago, I mentioned the state of the compared to the NYCC. Also, as you may know, Wizard has been pulling back by cancelling 2 of their conventions. I had know the state of Wizard for a while but this news too me by surprise. Seems that Wizard decided to buy up the Big Apple Con, and (finally) have their own NY con.

I say finally because for years people had been saying that NY was a bad place to have a con. This is despite that Michael Carbanaro (head of the Big Apple Cons) had been running cons in NY for many many years. Yes they werent big cons, but they were cons nevertheless. It took Reed publications (the NYCC and now C2E2 guys) to give Wizard a wake up call. So instead of going in there cold, they decided to buy out the Big Apple con and use that foundation to take on the NYCC.

The question is this: Is NY big enough for 2 Major cons in the same year? Maybe Is NY big enough for 2 big cons in the same MONTH? Yep, while it's not "official" Wizard has announced that their NY con will be October 16-18, 2009. Of course one would think that it would be around the same time every following year (like all thier other conventions). The NYCC had already announced that in 2010 their con will be on October 8-10. So what's going to happen in 2010? We'll just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So...where's #2?

I have been wondering the same thing. Turns out that my Publisher and I were on two differnt pages regarding the release schedule of my book The Chosen Few (BTW, you can still buy the preview issue, and if you do, write a review!). Lack of communication between myself and the publisher is to blame.

So I am working out all the details with the aforementioned publisher and the books will see print (most likely in color) shortly. Anyone out there who read the first issue, send us a letter! When we re-solicit the first issue I'll see if we can get a letters page going.

You can e-mail your comments questions or complaints directly to me @ mfc_studios@hotmail.com. In the subject line put "Chosen Few".