Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So much time so little space

Well, this past week was interesting. actually most of the interesting stuff happened during the New York Comic con this past weekend. I'm still recovering from it. I have to say that I don't remembering being so.......busy (I guess for lack of a better term). And it's just not the con, it was the before and after stuff also. I mean right now in the "prime hours" after the con, my site is (almost) bare. Not a good thing when all the contacts I made *should* be checking out the site to (either) decided to support us (financially) or just to see what we are all about. My webmaster (who now wants to be called something else, which the name escapes me at the moment) has taken down the site for maintenance and transference to another web location. Also, I had a little mishap with my "day job" which I'm going to have to take care of on Friday. As for the con itself. I met a whole slew of people. re-established some contacts and promoted the hell out of my radio show. My (formerly known as) webmaster decided to have us do some roving interviews for the con. Which was a good idea seeing as how it helps promote the radio show. I split the interviews between myself and Peter Palmiotti so that things would be easier for the both of us. Pete knows some "big" names in the industry and I had him interview those guys. It's funny really, because Jennifer (my woman on the street) was supposed to do these interviews. She couldn't attend the con and ironically enough, she will be leaving the show soon. I plan to phase her out, (because of her attending school and moving away from the city) but that's another blog.....
So, getting back on track I saw Stan Lee, signed my first posters (8 if them to be exact), saw Stephen King, used the power of the Press Pass, took many pictures of hot chicks and cool dudes in costumes, got screwed out of seeing Paul Rubens and Stephen Colbert, and missed out on seeing some of the major headlines to the con.
Oh, lastly I want to mention, that I lost a comrade (of sorts) on the radio station. He hosted a sports show and his show ended last week. I'm trying to think of how a collaboration can help both of us, but right now I'm drawing a blank.

10/21/08 update: Sports and comics really don't mix. So nothing came out of that. The '09 NYCC is looking to be a BIG thing. I am wondering if I'm going to be a part of that.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tonight's Show

Tonight, we're going to do our first movie review since we have come back on the air. This weeks review: Ghost Rider. Now I have to warn you, if you haven't seen this movie, you will most likely not see it after listening to this show (mostly because there are no guidelines for our movie review shows, so you most likely will know everything there is about the movie IE:spoilers). So Listen in and post your thoughts here about the show (and movie)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New York Comic Con

While I probably will be talking about the con afterwards (on next Tuesday's blog) and I know for a fact that it will be the shows topic on our 3/1 show, I wanted to say how excited I am to finally be able to attend the convention.

See, (as some of you may know) last year was the first NY Comic Con at the Javits center and the head liners were Milla Jojovitch (sorry if I spelled that wrong) and the wrestler Kane (I know I spelled that right!). Anyways I got three of my friends to come with me and we were going to get tickets at the door (which is not uncommon when going to these things). We got there at Noon on Saturday.

It was sold out

There were police and lines almost around the place and we couldn't get in. I tried to call a few of my contact in the industry who were already inside and even they couldn't get us in. The stories of what when on in there were amazing from "It was insane." to "it was way crowded." to "I too couldn't get in.". But I (now more than ever) am curious to see how it really was in there.

Now is my chance.

Roughly one year later, I get to go in. I have a Press Pass (thanks to the fine folks at the con and the fact that I have my radio show back). So that means that I will have no problem getting in. Once I'm there....unfortunately I know I will be overwhelmed. But Rome wasn't built in a day and I have to build it my self, so I'll take as much in as I can, have my fliers and business cards ready, and hope for the best.

10/21/08 update: It's funny, looking back at all this. I think we still have like maybe 2-3 interviews from that con that still hasn't seen the light of day. Another "pay for play" issue.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tonight's show

Tonight, our call-in guest will be Greg Topalian Head of the New York Comic Con (www.nycomiccon.com). Listen to the show and leave your comments here!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's so hard to find good help these days...

Especially when they work for free. The saying is true. "You get what you pay for". I pay nothing, I get nothing, well, not *nothing* but close....

Here I am 7 weeks (give or take a day) into The Comic Book Novice Blog, and I am waiting for Hassan's Blogs. If I was paying him, I could fire him, but I'm not. I need him and since he "works" for free I can't do much except constantly ask him.."where are the blogs, where are the blogs..."

"What's the big deal?" you might ask. Well, here's the thing.....When I came up with The Comic Book Novice, I had hand picked the people who were going to be involved with it. They were picked because each one had a different "part" to play. Hassan's part is to talk, complain really about things. He's the "I hate everything guy". Who better than that to write a blog?

So maybe when M.F.C. Studios is making a big splash on the comic book map, I might be able to hire (or just pay Hassan) a blogger. But for now Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's will be blog less.

10/21/08 update: Seems that this was a major problem with my company (as well as a recurring theme). I'm sure that if people had nothing else to do but give me 110% they would (well, I'd like to think that). But sadly it is not the case. Maybe I should have done a better job of motivating them, or cut corners in some places to "pay for play". I have always said that I couldn't do it all myself and I am certain that the results would have been worse....

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Tonight's show

Tonight we will have Rich Bernatovich (www.sentinelsonline.com) who writes and publishes the Sentinels graphic novel series. Listen to the show and leave your comments here.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Midnight at Midtown

There was a special event at Midtown Comics (in Manhattan) last night at midnight. It seems that Stephen King's Novels "Dark Tower" was turned into a comic book with Peter David as the writing and Jae Lee as the artist. To Celebrate this event, comic book stores all over the country were invited to open their doors at midnight and sell the books. Midtown Comics (not to be undone) had the creative team do a book signing during that time.

So I went.

I was to meet Peter Palmiotti there, and since he knew the management there as well as Jae and the other Peter, I was to do some networking.

When I got there, I was very surprised. There were certain things I had expected (good parking, cold as hell, and maybe another Marvel guy or two) and they were there. Other things (lack of people for an event this sized event, "rival" media shows, and free food (donuts and coffee) for "special guests" and employees) I had not expected. I now realize that while the other guys didn't have a radio station backing them, they were able to get an interview with Peter David and Jae Lee while I was just standing there waiting for Peter Palmiotti.

I dropped off fliers, and passed along our sponsorship package to the management, But didn't snag an interview for the show. Since I'm booked anyway 'till mid-April, I can wait for the Javits Convention when Peter will ask them to be a guest. Since Peter David was a guest on the old show, I don't see why it would be a problem to get him again.

10/21/08 update: Funny, I never did get to interview Peter David again, timing just didn't work out.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Tonight's show

Tonight's guest will be Brian Ferrera of Terminal press (www.terminalpress.com) Brian is an independent comic book publisher of such books as (Cropsey and Toxic Teddies). Listen in tonight @9pm est! Afterwards, Leave a comment here of what you thought about the show.