Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First/Last message (at least for a while)

Greetings to any who has read my little blog over the past few years. This also includes any future readers (which at the time they read this would be present readers, wouldn't it?).

When I started this blog oh so many years ago, it was just a small part of my website. Of course with my complete lack of computers, this slowly turned into my official website.

During this time I made many contacts, experienced many awesome things, got my first comic published (even tho that didn't work out) and created and produced two radio shows (one of which is still on the air!).

Recently, however, I have noticed that due to the ever increasing demands of my "day job" This blog has only had updates which are already being posted on the It Came From The Radio site. So While I'm not going anywhere (there are still one or two projects coming out), this blog is going on a temporary hiatus.

So all of you who found your way here, please head on over to the It Came From The Radio site. Cause that's where I'll be!