Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tonight's show

Tonight on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show, Jennifer, Hassan, Peter Palmiotti and yours truly interview Indy publishers Dennis Greenhill and Lee Kohse from Bloodfire Studios ( Listen in 9pm EST, Afterwards leave your comments here

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Still more behind the scenes

It's very odd to me that the shows sound different when listening to them on tape (or online). When I'm in the studio things are hectic. I forget to say a lot of things. I have to keep a constant eye on the time and give hand signals to the rest of the panel in the studio. During our breaks (about 1 minute each, we normally have 2 of them) I have to give feedback and and sometimes just take a breather.
When I actually hear the show, it seems to flow so smoothly. I sound like I know what I'm doing and everyone does their job. There is little or no indication of all the little things that go on in the station (unless it is mentioned on the air).
Another thing I find interesting is that some of the comments said in the studio don't come across the same way as they do on the air. Sometimes "Looks" are given, or maybe some one says something in jest, but it comes across as completely different when you don't see the facial expressions behind it.
I wonder if other radio shows are like this......

10/21/08 update: Another thing I noticed is that there is a delay with people in the studio and the call-in guests and it's even more apparent when we have 2 people on the phone. I have noticed similiar things with live news programs. I wonder if other do also.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

tonight's show

Tonight (live!) on "The Comic Book Novice" Radio show. Jennifer, Hassan, Peter Palmiotti, and myself will talk about quaility vs quantity. Is getting your book on time more important than the story? Join us and let us know your thoughts. Tonight 9pm est or you can listen to the show and leave your thoughts here

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It took me a while to type this blog out. Death is the one thing that everyone understands. Even the worst of worst bosses understands that one would need (at least) a few moments to themselves when someone close to them dies.

Now Death means different things to different people and Death isn't just a family or friend dying it can be anything. I look at it as a loss. Such as death of a childhood, death of ones happiness, death of a friendship, even death of "things" such as TV, a home, even a car.

Now to me, every one's death is just as important as anyone elses. So I feel for a person who lost someone the same way I feel for myself. Not saying that if "Bob's" mom died I feel the same way I did when my mom died, I'm saying that I feel for Bob the way I felt for myself when it happened. Does that make any sense to you guys?

But this is not about my views on death (or is it seeing as how it's my blog....). It's about a death that just happened (or is going to happen). As I sit here my dog of 15 years is about to be killed. People like to say "put to sleep", but not me. Because that is not what I'm doing. I'm going to kill my dog. Yesterday, he got to a point where he could not stand up on his own. His front leg gave out. Now yes he's old, and he had "problems" but in my mind, as long as he could stand up on his own, he was gonna keep on living....

I spoke to a lot of my friends. And to them (mostly) it's not killing my dog. It was being selfless and putting him out of his misery. He was in pain which is why he couldn't stand up. That doesn't really help me. The fact is that he is gone. Dead. And I will miss him.

My home is a bit quieter now. and a little more empty......

EDIT: here I am 4 months past, and still I have dreams and continue to feel the emptiness. What's interesting is that as I dwell of one loss, the other losses in my life seem to jump up in my mind.

this is incomplete....and with death, the feelings, like this post will remain incomplete for a long time....

10/21/08 update: All this time later and I am still constantly reminded about death and all who I have lost. I read somewhere that the human mind has a failsafe regarding death where they can only take so much before putting it out of thier mind. I guess that's why there is humor at a funeral. People laugh at times where most are crying. I gues that is how people carry on.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Zombies on the radio

Tonight Live on "The Comic Book Novice" radio program, Peter Palmiotti, Hassan, Jennifer (back from cap watch 2007) and myself will be reviewing the movie "28 Weeks Later" SPOILERS TO FLOW FREELY. Seen it? Join us and let us know what you think. Havent seen it yet and plan to? Wait 'till after you see it and download our show from the archives! 9pm est

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A little more behind the scenes

So, 2 weeks ago (our 5-3-07 show) was another crazy one. More so than our previous one. The show was supposed to be about the movie "The Invisible". New girl Jess, wasn't going to be able to do the show and Hassan had major car trouble that week, so it was most likely that he hadn't seen the movie, and Jennifer was going to be on a Cruise. So it was up to me and Pete to see the movie and do the show.

Because of scheduling, Pete and I had to see the movie the day of the show. as an added bonus, after the show we were going to see special screening of Spidey 3 at the movie theater I work at on the weekends. So the day was to be like this:

Meet Pete
go see Invisible
Go to radio station
race back to see Spidey 3 (the screening was at 10pm)

Pete had to work his regular job that morning so we had to see the early afternoon show of Invisible. No problem, still have plenty of time to make it to the station.

I get a call at 4:30pm when we are supposed to meet.

Pete tells me that he just got up and there was no way he could get to me to see the show. Frantic, I told him to get there ASAP and I would figure something out. He had no minutes on his phone, so I told him to call me at a payphone when he was near. So during this time I decided to eat, make some calls and play bowling on my phone as I waited.

I get a call at 5:45pm.

It's a fellow employee from the theater asking me for a ride and informing me that the Spidey 3 screening is at 9:30 instead of 10!

Then my phone dies.

So now I have to go into the subway and hope that I see Pete come out of the train.

It's 7pm. No Pete, no movie.

So at this point I have to figure that Pete came, didn't see me, couldn't contact me and went home. So I left.

Now I had to think of a new show. At best it would be me and Hassan (if he actually made it to the station). So I had to go to the mall and get a car charger for my phone (it would take me to long to go home and charge the phone there and then make any phone calls and then head to the station).

Got the charger. It's almost 8pm now.

Turns out that Peter tried to (well, he actually did) call me 7 times. He was still there! So I had to go get him. Made a few calls, and got a Penciler to be a call in guest. Also made sure Hassan was going to be in the studio.

So here I am , past 8 and going in the opposite direction of the station to go and get Pete. AND I still have no idea exactly where he is, cause in each message he says "I'm gonna walk around". Rule #1 when you don't have a cell phone and you are meeting someone who is not answering his phone. Stay put by the phone.

It's 8:30 now. I decided that there is no way I can get Pete and make it to the station in time. Since I didn't want a repeat of the previous weeks show (see the last Tuesday's post), I had to turn around and leave him there hoping he would call again so I could tell him to go home.

As soon as I turn around he calls. I tell him the situation and also tell him about Spidey 3. He's like "Screw you guys, I'm going home!"

Not more than 2 minutes later He calls back. Turns out that he didn't bring extra cash with him b/c I usually drive him home after the show and he used up all his change trying to call me. So he was stranded. Rule #2 when ever going anywhere, make sure you have train/bus fare on your metrocard.

I just made it to the station.........

10/21/08 update: Boy, what a day that was. I should have just did my own thing. Saved myself the hassle. Looking back, I regret all the little extra things I did. I think I made the business too personal.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spidey's on the radio

Tonight (Live) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show, New Girl Jess joins Hassan, Peter Palmiotti, and myself as we talk about the record breaking Spiderman 3. Spoliers included! If you've seen it, join us and call in and share your thoughts. 9pm EST, if not, wait to see it then download our show from the archives. Afterwards, leave your comments here!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A little behind the scenes

So the last two weeks were...interesting regarding the show. Normally, Peter Palmiotti takes the L.I.R.R. to the radio station and I pick him up from there. Sometimes I am late and I have had others give him a ride from the (train) station to the (radio) station. On our 4/26 show, Pete was the one who was running late. He missed his train and the next one (which he was on when he called me) would not arrive until 9:35pm. Hassan (at the time) was also running late (traffic). He was coming from work from Wizard and everything was backed up. Jennifer had off, and The new girl Jess wasn't able to come in. We had a call in guest for that show, so that meant that Pete, Hassan, and our guest could not all call into the show. So I had to try and meet Pete at an earlier station and race to the studio.

I got him at 8:53pm.

So I told Hassan not to call in and I called the radio station and told him the situation. We decided to do the show from the car until we got to the station. Despite all that, I think the show went pretty well, even Jennifer called in towards the end as a pleasant surprise.

10/21/08 update: That was a drain on me...Picking up (and dropping off people) on Thursdays. I tried to do that to make up for not paying them. That took its toll on me. Calling in to the show was always meant to be a back up. It was easier to do, but it encouraged bad practices. To be a regular on the show you had to be in the studio.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tonight's show

Tonight (Live) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show we will have a movie review of the film "Invisible". Spoilers abound! 9pm est. Seen it? tell us what you thought! Afterwards leave your comments here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pirates of the Burning Sea

MFC Studios produces The Comic Book Novice, a comic book themed multi-media experience. We have a radio show, blogs, and video interviews. This is an interview with Jess LeBow, the content manager of the upcoming MMO "Pirates of the Burning Sea" from Flying Lab Software, that was shot at the 2007 New York Comic Con.