Thursday, December 27, 2007

12/27 show

Tonight (LIVE!) on "The Comic Book Novice" Radio show, Join Hassan, Belkis and yours truly as we interview Comic Book Creator Andrea Grant (
9pm est
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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Once again Tuesday is a special day. So I get to talk about Christmas and holidays in general. I was watching Rudolph the other day and I noticed a few things...First, Santa is a bastard. he's just hanging around the house only caring about Christmas instead of the well being of Rudolph, his family and friends. Also, the snowman telling the story. He knows where Rudolph and Claire are and tells the guys to go after them, yet he doesn't tell Rudolph and makes him go out all on his own...

And why is it that Christmas needs saving? It's a holiday where you give (or get) stuff. why does that need saving? My mom used to say that any day can be Christmas. I'm inclined to agree with her.

Also, what's the deal with all this P.C. Stuff? people are too sensitive and many places can;t (or won't) say Merry Christmas. Soon it will be that radio stations wont play Christmas songs because they don't want to offend anyone.

So, I guess I should make a Christmas wish....('cause you know it can't hurt) and honestly I did have a Christmas miracle last year...But let's do something different. hows about you make a wish for me (that way it will swirl some of that positive energy). I'll make a wish for you. Hope you like what I wished for you!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

12/20 giveaway show

Tonight (LIVE) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio program Hassan, Belkis and Yours truly
will be talking about comic book timelines.

Do you care that a character that is 30+ years
old is still in high school or that over 40+ years a character hasn't aged a day?? Share your thoughts by calling in.

Also we will announce the winner of the $25.00 Wizard gift certificate. (Keep sending those e-mails in! You have until 3pm EST today)

9pm EST

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Live vs....

This past week, I decided to have a little contest. It was (and still is) just an indicator to see how many people listen to the live show and how many download it. See there really is no way for me to tell that. After all, anyone listens live either goes to the radio station's website or just goes on the radio. We can only track how many people visit the site.

So far we haven't recieved that many entries. Which leads me to think that doing a live show isn't as...what's the word I'm looking for....special(?) as one would think. I mean a radio show does have some clout to it, and opens doors that podcasting doesn't, but is that enough? only time will tell.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

12/13 show

Tonight (Live!) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio program Hassan, Belkis and I give our

thoughts and opinions as we review the New York Anime Con ( .

Did you attend? Call in and voice your opinion. 9pm EST

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Carryin' on

During the week (which for me is Tuesday to Tuesday) things happen or thoughts occur to me and I think "Hey, this might be a good thing to blog about". Yet when Tuesday comes most times I come to a blank. "Why don't you blog more often?" one might ask. Well, the answer is simple. I like structure. I like things to work a certain way on a consistent basis.

Anyway, This week I'm going to (once again) vent about something that's been bothering me of recent weeks. As you may (or may not, only two choices!) know, 2008 is supposed to be a big year for me and my little company. I did some cons, I did my ad, and I have been trying to figure out how to get my book ready for the SDCC.

Of course the backbone of everything is the radio show (and the relating web-site). I figure once the book comes out things will (well, should) shift. So right now (beyond the talent behind the book) I have to have constant dealings with my webmaster, and the guys from the radio show. Now everyone works for free and I know I can't do everything by myself (unlike my good buddy over at crazee comics) but sometimes it feels like my group doesn't share my passion, vision, my insight on how my company works (or needs to work).

I try to bend over backwards to keep my people happy. Cause really they can leave at any time. Yet I'm thinking that maybe if I don't rely on others so much I may be forced to step up and do more (or fail horribly trying).

Let's take the Comic. It's been about 4 years since I asked my art team to make the book. As of right now (with the 12/31/07 deadline approaching (to assure that the book will be lettered and published well before the SDCC) and there are about 8 pages that still need to be re-drawn, and about 70+ pages left to ink.

With the radio show, I ask that my co-hosts attend conventions, try to "fill the role" assigned by myself (which basically are them being themselves) and help out wherever/whenever they can. Out of the Four I started with (the really old shows (2003) will be uploaded as soon as the website is at 80% or better) Only Hassan and I remain. This past show we spoke about the role of women in the comic book industry. It was a panel show where I throw out questions or examples and let the rest of the group talk about it. Hopefully it promotes a good discussion and gets people to call in. While it doesn't sound like it, on the day of taping, I felt that they were essentially saying to me "hey why don't you find people to talk about this subject, cause we are not experts". If I wanted an expert I would have had him (or her) as a guest (which would have turned that week into a guest show). I just wanted a free flowing talk about the subject that week. Also, notice that my current co-hosts haven't posted on this blog in months. Of course, I really can't fault them, I'm just making note of it.

Last week I mentioned the website so I wont have to go over that again, but at least I know he's working on it and (hopefully) when it's back on track, my new webmaster will be able to keep on top of it. At least the shows are being updated.

Finally, (beyond "outside work", which is really anyone and everyone promoting the show) the last thing I want to cover is conventions. They have a dual purpose (for me anyways). 1) Promote the show and 2) try to sell stuff (to try to make back the cost of doing the con). I can't sell stuff. Even if I am all behind the product, I am not the seller. My job at a con is to "know stuff". Know about the show, about the site, about the company. I sit at the table and hand out fliers, talk to people and try to make new contacts/friends. Women sell stuff. Hot women sell more stuff. That is a fact. I have a hot new co-host, yet she doesn't sell as much as Jennifer used to. Jennifer was (and still is) cute. But she could sell ice to an Eskimo, she could sell Hookers to Hugh Hefner. Yet now product doesn't move. It could be the change of the times, or the economy, but really I think it is something more. On our table we sell CD's. I now have two. a 2003 and 2007 edition of the Best of my radio show. People like clip shows. Other radio shows produce "best of's" so why not me? It's a little something with new content (along with clips of past shows) to let people know what we do on the show and (hopefully) get people to listen in to the live feed (or archives). If the show is good, the best of CD is a good product. I was told in no uncertain terms that the CD is a bad idea and how it would not be an item that would be pushed or even mentioned at the con. This was said by one of my own people! the quote was "I won't sell something that I don't believe in". This is a valid argument. I say that all the time at my "day job". I used to say that at my old "day job". But how can you be on a radio show, promote the radio show and not try to bring in revenue because you don't believe in the product that you are on. To me that says "I Don't believe in the show". If you don't believe in the show, why do it? I know why I have you on the show, because I need you to make a good product. I can't do it all myself. Hell, I don't even think I could carry an entertaining half hour with just me talking. I remember a conversation I had with Hassan just before I decided to do the show. I asked him would he do it and then said that if he didn't want to/couldn't then I wouldn't do it. (obviously) He said yes.

So I need them and if I could I would be paying them (some I have in a way). But (at least once a week) I wonder how good would things be if we were at 100% and how/what can I do to make it that way.....

I can survive, but I want to thrive.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

12/6 show

Tonight (LIVE!) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show Join Hassan, Belkis, And yours truly

as we discuss the role of women in comics. What are your thoughts? Listen in and call in!

Tonight 9pm EST

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I'm trying to rememebr the saying...6 on one hand, half dozen on the other? Well, what I'm writing about is the fact that I'm never at "full throttle". It seems that when one thing is working, something else isnt.
Now I mentioned the forces before, but this is different. See my web site used to have no problem updating the front page (generally speaking) but the radio shows were taking a while to show up on the download section. Now (with my new webmaster) the radio shows are updated each week, but the front page remains stagnant.
We did a slew of video interviews almost a year ago, yet the editing process is almost non-exestant.
Just trying to get everything up to speed is a job on it's own. But I keep pushing. maybe one day we will be working on all cylinders, which (for me anyway) is having my co-hosts post on this blog on a regular basis, a fully functional (and constantly updated) website, a weekly tv show, and me working on my next book (there should always be a next book!)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

11/29 show

Tonight (LIVE! ) on "The Comic Book Novice" Radio show, Join Hassan, Belkis and yours truly as we interview Comic Book Writer Rich Bernatovich (
9pm est
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So here's something that I was thinking about the other day. It actually came to me at an I-con . I was attending a Panel featuring Peter David (my favorite writer) and the subject was about favorite comic book movie and why.
Now that honor (at the time) went to "League of Extraordany Gentlemen" (for reasons I'll go into another time. But as the discussion progressed, it occurred to me that it's just not the movie that makes it a great movie, but the circumstanes around that initial viewing that affects the enjoyment of a paticular movie.
For example. a bad day can make an ok movie really crappy, and vice versa. Also age is a factor. I was taklking to a guy and he was telling me that as a kid, he loved "Surf Ninjas". then when he say it the other day, he said it was "so sucky" and can't believe that he loved that movie.
the final straw of my discovery was that really a bad (or good) movie is subjective. No matter how many people like (or hate) a movie what really matters is what YOU think. Sure it's hard to defend a movie that "everyone else" says is bad, or trash a movie which (for some crazy reason) "the masses" deem great. But it's how you felt (or still feel) after watching that movie.
So for me, My top 3 comic book moveis are:
Sin City

Thursday, November 22, 2007

11/22 Thanksgiving day show

Tonight (LIVE!) on "The Comic Book Novice" Radio Show, Join Me, Mark Torres on Thanksgiving day as I talk about the last Big Apple Con ( If you were there, call in and share your story! 9pm EST
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So I made it back from the Big Apple Con and while I was sitting there, I noticed some of my neighbors setting up their tables. It reminded me of when I did my first convention and all the things that I should have brought with me but didn't. So here is a brief list of things that one should always bring to a con (if you are setting up a table that is). Keep in mind that some things may not apply to you depending on what kind of table you are having

First you should bring your own tablecloth. Even if you are provided one, you may not like the color/type of cloth.

Tape. More specifically artists (or painters) tape. This is the kind that you can use on almost any surface and when you peel it off at the end of the show, it leaves no mark. Regular tape can (and usually does) damage the paint on the walls. Need to stick up a banner, or hold something down to your table (or tablecloth)? Bring a roll of tape.

A pen. It amazng how often one needs a pen. (and dont forget a small pad to write down stuff on!)

Index cards/post-its. Once again something to write stuff down on. But these items can serve a dual purpose. You can write on these things and then place them on (or near) items you want to sell, or maybe just have information for passer-bys.

One plastic bag. Yep, it's good to have a bag set aside for garbage. The one you get shopping at a grocery store. That way you wont have a mess under the table and you wont have to constantly get up to throw out stuff. Also, a second bag for free stuff. If you plan to network and/or walk around, you'll need something to put all your free stuff in.

Change. If you plan to sell something, it's good to have about $20.00 in singles. Sometimes you can lose a sale if you don't have the correct change.

Buisness card/post card/fliers. Basically something that has your info on it that you can give away to people.

A friend. Man I have to tell you, sitting with someone at a table is waaaay better than if you are there by yourself. Not only do you have someone to talk to, but it gives you the ability to leave your table and have someone watch your stuff. Also comes in handy when packing/unpacking your table.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

11/15 giveaway show

Tonight (LIVE! ) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show, Join Belkis and yours truly as we go for round two interviewing Everett Soares Creator of Sky Pirates. If that's not all, We will be giving away FREE passes to the Big Apple Con ( ) all night. So listen, and call in! 9pm EST

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Up next

I mentioned last time about the changes that are coming to the site and the events that I'm planning to keep this little company going. The next big thing on our calendar is The National Big Apple Con This convention in New York that has been a mainstay for many years and this particular convention (16-18) is going to be his biggest yet.

The thing for me is that I plan to go to the SDCC in 2008 and because of certain finances that were promised have not arrived, I'm going to have to really work on a shoe string budget to make sure that I'm still going to be able to have my book ready for the SDCC AND make it to the con as well.

Normally, the Big Apple Con is something that alot of people take for granted and the past few turnouts have been thin. But this time it is expected to be huge as Mike Carbanaro (the company's head) has pulled out all the stops in making it THE convention to go to. So we are now expecting high numbers. So many, that I am worried that I might be under prepared. It's the same feeling that I'm getting when I think about the SDCC and that is oh-so many months away. I didn't really make anything "new" for this convention (once again a cost issue) and any experiments that I decide to do will have to wait for the SDCC (because to me really that will be my BIG push). So if you are in NYC (or close enough to travel) stop by our table, meet the very attractive Belkis (she does not have a face for radio!), see me and support us!

And on our 11/15 radio show we will be giving away passes to the Big Apple Con for FREE!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

11/8 show

Tonight (live) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio program, Join Hassan, Belkis, and yours truly as we interview Shawnti Therrien (with Matt Ryan) from 9pm est

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


The ad is out. Wizard issue #194. My ad, is on page 99. It looks pretty good. I was concerned about the text size of certain things, but it worked out fine. This was a big play. They say the bigger the risk, the greater the gain. So I'm taking a risk here. An ad ain't cheap, and hopefully this will make a return on my investment. it's only 30ish days of advertisement, but it should go through a lot of hands during that time.
The site should be changing in the next few weeks to better receive the traffic that hopefully will come my way.
so in the next month while issue 194 is floating around, I'll know where I stand for the next year.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

11/1 radio show

Tonight (LIVE) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio program, Join Belkis, Hassan and yours truly as we discuss the movie "30 Days of night" starring John Hartnett (40 Days 40 nights). That's alot of time! as usual, this will be a free flowing discussion and spoilers may flow.

In addition to that, we will be giving away FREE 3-day passes to the Wizardworld Texas convention
9pm est

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Story so far. .

So, I was thinking. There is 8 months left before the SDCC (That's the San Diego Comic-con to you who don't know) and that means that I have less than 8 months to get my book out, go to The two biggest comic book conventions, and figure out a way to turn this company into everything I know it can be.

To that extent, I'm looking for someone to sit in for Pete during his hiatus on the radio show, I placed a full page ad in Wizard magazine (due out in November), I even got a new webmaster to keep the site updated (and beyond, he has his own ideas to bring traffic to the site). Also, I'm putting the pressure to make sure I have all my pages ready to go for my book (better to have it sooner than later I say).

There are a few more minor things I am doing, and I hope to have them ready for the next Big Apple con.

rememebr, it only takes 9 months to have a child....not much time at all......

Thursday, October 25, 2007

10/25 giveaway show

Tonight (LIVE!) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show, Join Belkis, Hassan, and yours truly as we discuss the evolution of the comic book cover. In the past few episodes we have touched on this subject and I felt we should dedicate a whole show to it! Also, we will be giving away 2 FREE 3-day passes to the Wizardworld Texas con! 9pm EST

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Here's the thing.....and keep this rule as a constant reminder....You will always do the exact same thing under the exact same circumstances. Not similar EXACT. You could argue that there really is no way to test that theory. Because it never will be the EXACT same circumstances. But you can be "close" and with all the other information, logic dictates that my theory (at least) holds some water.

So lets begin with the simple stuff...What did you eat today? whatever the answer, follow it up with this: Why did you eat that? and finally, why would you have eaten anything different? Now here is the trick: you are not allowed to use the word "if" when you answer that last question (or any words which would change the situation). and really the answer is no you would not have eaten anything but what you did eat because of the reasons you gave in your second answer. To go one step further one can argue that at the same point in time you would have always ate what you ate because there is no reason why you wouldn't. Think about it.

lets take bob here (some guy i made up) he's at his job and he's hungry. Now it's 10AM and his lunch break is at 11AM. he could go on an early lunch and eat. and this decision to go early is already decided before he makes it. See everything that led up to that decision will make him choose a certain path. Watch this: "IF" he had taken an early lunch previously and his boss told him to never do it again or he's fired, then he's not gonna do it, unless he wants to get fired. "IF" his is at a job where he can take an early lunch then he might do just that. or "IF" the lunch place doesn't open till 11AM. I could go on but as you can see there are tons of "IFs" one can think of to either have him go to lunch early or not.

Bob doesn't go to lunch early. For whatever reason he doesn't and on that day at that time he will never go to lunch early. why would he? and remember, you can't use the word "IF"

I hope that makes some sort of sense (I tend to find that my theories sound better when I explain them person to person) My mind goes at least 100 times faster than my fingers as i type!)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

10/18 show

Tonight (Live!) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio program, Join
Belkis and yours truly as we have our rescheduled interview with Comic Book writer Michael Kingston ( 9pm EST

afterwards leave your comments here

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Need a fourth

So looks like I'm going to need another person for the show. The requirements are as follows:

1) The person MUST either have a car OR live near West Babylon, NY
2) The person must be able to not only do the show on a weekly basis, but also be able to attend conventions and other CBN functions.
3) The person must be able to read live copy on the air
4) The person must like comics.

anyone interested send me an e-mail

Thursday, October 11, 2007

10/11 show

Tonight (LIVE) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show Join Hassan, Belkis, and yours truly as we interview comic book artist Chris Torres. 9pm est

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The only one you know

Something happened the other day. I was talking to this girl about Star Wars. She was young (18) and she said something that just blew my mind. She asked "If the second set of movies were made before the first set, how did they manage to get the guy's face in the last movie?". She was referring to the fact that in the (as I like to call it) "enhanced" version of The Return of the Jedi (only released on DVD) at the end there is the actor who played Vader (in episode II and III) standing along with Ben and Yoda.

It occurred to me that she hadn't seen the original version of Jedi and all she knew was that one. In the original version, there was a completely different actor playing Anakin at the end of the movie (for those who didn't know).

Now I don't know about you, but that is very interesting. It's history changed right in front of your eyes. There is a whole generation (and more to come) that will believe that the Star Wars saga as it is seen now is the only way it was. They do say that the history of a war is written by the winners and I can see an odd comparison to that in this case. I mean if that's all you know then that is your history.

If you go to the video store (or any place that sells DVDs) you may notice that the three Indiana Jones movies are all together. The first one has been renamed Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Now it's just a name, and this didn't get as much play as the whole Star Wars thing, but it's the same thing. The history is changed.

Makes more sense (now that one thinks about it) for remakes. People say "why remake something?", The answer is now pretty obvious. This current version may be the only one the audience knows.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

10/4 show

Tonoght (Live!) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio program, Join Hassan, Belkis, Peter Palmiotti, and yours truly as we interview Comic Book writer Michael Kingston ( 9pm EST

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Forces II

This past weekend (besides being my birthday, well, not both days, but you get the picture) we went to The Kohler Kon3, a little collectibles show in Long Island City, New York. I had originally planned to do a live video show there but circumstances made me downsize the idea to just a special episode (live on tape) of "The Comic Book Novice".

I forgot to mention that we were actually invited guests. Mark Mazz (of CAG fame, and he did a show with us) asked us to come and host a panel.

So anyway, we were the... event (I guess you could say). Friday, I get a call from my webmaster (who also happens to be my computer guy/camera man etc...) and he tells me that his computer died and we may have trouble doing the show at the con. But he still had his back up computer and would download all the programs so we can still do the show and panel.

Sunday comes along (the convention is from 10-5pm) and I have to get up extra early to pick up hassan and I needed extra time to stop by my mechanics to fix a broken headlight. So I'm running a bit late (about 20-30 minutes behind schedule, but we werent to start the panel until 11am) and I get a call. It's Pete. Turns out that (althought it was a little after 10) he hadn't even left his place yet! Now to put things in perspective, Pete has to take a ferry and a train to get to the con (estimated 2 hour trip), and he was still home! Then it turns out that the (train) directions (as told to me by not only my webmaster, but every one else who came by train) were really off. so if you were going to come by train, you had a good 20 minute walk ahead of you (and that's factoring in that you know where you are going!). Then (yes there is more) the turn out is very light, (most likely because of hard to find nature of the place). Now despite all that, Belkis, Hassan, myself and my webmaster manage to get there and set up at a decent time.

Here is where the "forces" come into play (as if they weren't already making things difficult). The back up computer started to act up and it was impossible to do any audio recording at all! Because of the light turn out as well as the fact that we couldnt record anything, Mark Mazz decided to cancel the panel. So to recap: We, the invited guests (one of which was super late) and "special event" didn't do a damn thing. Good thing this was just a dry run fr the Big Apple Con in November.

At least I got to see Belkis on another day besides Thursday (she's such a sweetie)....

Thursday, September 27, 2007

9/27 show

Tonight (Live!) on "The Comic book Novice" Hassan, Peter Palmiotti, Belkis, and yours truly talk about the new Resident Evil movie. Just with all of our movie shows, this will be a free flowing discussion so spoilers may be mentioned. Seen the movie? Give us a call 631 888 8811 9pm EST

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

it's all about money

So, i just returned from staples copy center. I had planned to stop by Wizard after that but it seems that this staples (which is in "Dumpwater, Floridia") doesn't work like those in the great city that is New York. See, I needed some copies made and a hi-res image of a full page ad that will be appearing in the December issue of samesaid magazine (which, I have found out will not be out in December). Anyway, it won't be ready till tomorrow (which is a good thing that I went today...). But that is not what this blog os about.....

What it is about is the fact that I am able to get an ad in Wizard in the first place. Now yes, normally I wouldn't be able to afford it, but my connections have made that possible. However the (once again) samesaid connections have been giving me financial troubles. So they save me money in some instances and in others, they cost me. At the end of the day, all hat matters is that the bills get paid and you have enough (or have the ability to generate) enough money to pay the bills tomorrow. When I incorporated, I budgeted myself for two (well, one at first, but then I recrunched the numbers and now we are at two) years. I'm at the end of the first year and (as i mentioned, do to the new finincial constraints) i think i will still be able to (barley) squeek out another year. This ad is one of tose chances that I jhave to take in order to keep this going beyond the next year. The book is coming out, we are going to the San Diego convention, but after that. who knows?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

9/20 show

Tonight (LIVE) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show, Hassan, Peter Palmiotti, Belkis, and yours truly as we discuss continuity in comics. If you have an opinion on this subject, give us a call 631 888 8811. 9pm EST
afterwards, leave your comments here.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

THE most awesome-est worst moive EVER!

D-Wars, or Dragon Wars (as some of you may be more familiar with) is just that movie. Now the rule is that it HAS to be a movie you see in theaters AND that it is so bad that it goes all the way around back to good. Transformers was just a BAD movie. With a little thought and care put into that movie it could have been actually good. D-Wars, if any effort were made to make it better (casting, acting special effects, plot, editing), it would have been just as bad as Transformers (although that is a very hard thing to do)! And yes, there is a reason why I make comparisons to Transformers (but I'll get to that in a minute).

So, (SPOILER ALERT, well, if not for the spoilers, you may just not see the movie, but anyways...) we start off With a bad Tom Cruise wanna-be (who looks as old as he is, but is supposed to be 20) reporting on an "incident" that happened in the L.A. area. From here, I started thinking that this is gonna be a bad movie, but before I can even finish that thought, we flash back to when he's 5 (or so) and (with his father) in an antique shop. Naturally, the boy wanders off and gets hit with a blue light. The shop dealer feigns a heart attack so that the father can leave (long enough) for him to make tea and tell the boy a story which leads us to a flashback within a flashback! Now I am able to finish my earlier thought.

While contemplating exactly how bad this movie is going to be, I am treated to ancient China with tons of hard to follow (but honestly, by this time I wasn't really paying attention) back story about a girl who must die to give a dragon (or whoever stumbles along) the power to ascend into heaven. Then, it gets really bad. Rejects from Episode I (complete with cannons on their backs) show up and attack...(well, carpet bomb) the city where this girl lives in order to find her, then run in there looking for her. That's when the Kung-Fu guy comes along and starts kicking butt. Even though he takes them all on, (as soon as he gets hurt) he decides to lead them right to the girl (and her "protector"). Now the "evil" dragon shows up. I say "evil" because (now that I think about it) both dragons wanted the same thing, except the good dragon was to receive the power willingly, and the evil one wanted to take it. Anyway....The protector and the girl kill themselves, which (I guess) stopped the power from leaving her (but the power was only to leave her when she died) and that takes us back to the present.

*Whew* So now I'm in full awe of this "epic" and more stuff keeps happening. The main girl (who looks like she's pushing 25, but is supposed to be 19) gets hit on by some "oh-too-friendly" guys outside a bar and the shopkeeper (who is a descendant of the Kung-Fu guy) just walks on screen kicks the crap out of them and (without saying a word) walks off camera. The Bad guy (dressed in his conspicuous bad guy outfit) just lurks around for no reason while the evil dragon chases the girl all over town. When the evil guy and the two leads meet up, the sidekick (who is a black guy who doesn't get killed) first tries to shoot him with a revolver (that only has two bullets in it) then (after that doesn't work) tries to hit him (to no avail). Turns out the the evil guy can handle everything except getting hit with a car (which happens twice in the movie).

Now the final showdown happens (which is just like Transformers) 'cept here we have a full out war going on down ONE STREET in L.A. and man, they went all out with the action. Tanks and army guys (who didn't even bother to show up to acting school when they were showing them how to act like army guys) vs the (yet again) Episode I rejects. Just when the evil dragon (which, much like Transformers, nobody sees until it's too late) is about to kill our leads (on top of a skyscraper) the Blackhawk helicopters show and shoot the @#$%^ out of the dragon. Then the smaller (winged) dragons show up and there is a full on dog fight in the air while the army is (still) fighting down the one street.

With all this that I have mentioned, there is still so much more to be seen in this awesome-ly bad movie: The out of place scenes, the massive amounts of (blood-less) carnage, and even some unexpected deaths made D-Wars "The most awesome-est worst movie ever" and I loved it!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

9/13 show

Tonight (LIVE!) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show. Join Hassan, Peter Palmiotti, Belkis and yours truly as we interview Platinum Studios' ( creative manager Carly Wagner. 9pm EST

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


When I first decided to do a blog, I had two rules. Update it on a weekly basis on the same day(s) and don't get into religion and/or politics.

Today I am breaking that rule (sort of). I mean isn't the saying "rules are made to be broken."?

Anyway, seeing as how this is Sept 11, and a Tuesday, I feel that talking about anything else in this blog would be wrong somehow.

Everyone has a "this is what I was doing..." story, and here is mine...

I was living in my old house at the time and working at "Big Choice" video. I woke up late morning and went downstairs to turn on the TV. It was static. I had cable, but it was only hooked up to the TV in the basement, so I figured that my antenna had fallen down from the roof (which had happened a few years prior). So I went to the basement and turned on that TV (before going outside to see if the antenna had fallen off).

And there it was.

I don't need to get into specifics, but needless to say (so why say it?) I was shocked.

I didn't lose any one during that time, and (while I lived near the city) I really never went there, so I wasn't affected personally. So to me, it was like everyone else finally knew what I was going through (I had lost my mother 2 years ago). That I can empathize with.

So here we are X years later and what really has changed? For me I drive into Manhattan more frequently now and can say that there are more cops around. But it still "feels" the same. Turn on the news and it's all the same as it was before, 'cept now there is a war going on (and it's not like we haven't had wars before). I bet if we look X more years into the future, it will be the same, just slightly more askewed.

Will the terrorists strike again? Probably, but I doubt it will be on such a grand scale any time soon.
Will we win the war on terror? No. You can't win a war based on a concept.
Will life go on? Yes, what other choice do we have?

on a lighter note (cause I find it difficult not to find humor in life) whenever asked how this day had affected me, I used to (and sometimes still do) say that Terrorists took away my TV.

10/21/08 update: Things are still "the same". There is still a big hole at ground zero. People are still worried that we will get atacked again. Life is still going on.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

9/6 show

Tonight (LIVE!) on "the Comic Book Novice" radio program, Hassan, Peter Palmiotti, Belkis, and yours truly will be reviewing Rob Zombie's remake of the movie "Halloween". As with all of our review shows, this will be a free flowuing conversation and spoliers may be discussed. Seen the movie? have an opinion on it? give us a call
(631 888 8811) 9pm EST on 1240AM (in the New York/Long Island area) and online @

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

You get what you pay for

You know the saying. When I first started out on this adventure (it's an adventure to me!) it was just me. Then I got a business partner. Although we have since parted ways, that time together was very helpful and educational. Soon thereafter I was back on my own. I started the radio show and kept on pressing forward on my comic. With the radio show, I got 3 other people to work with. The comic, I recruited 2 others.

now (of course) not being made of money, I have to take whatever I can find. Not that they are bad people, or not as dedicated, but they have their own lives, their own (paying) jobs. So while they do help, I just don't get the same type of results as I would get if I actually pay them (and understandably so).

So here I am (roughly) 12 years later. I have the comic fully penciled, the radio show is up and running, I have a webmaster, and I continue to meet people willing to give their free time to help better my company.

where does that leave me now? I have a (much) larger force working with me, I'm still not paying them (well, not much anyways). Yet because of the time I put into this, the people I meet (who seem to be investing as much or even more time and effort into their own things) are willing and more able to give me what I need to succeed and that kind of help, money can't buy.

08/21/07 update: ah, another pay for play post. I think it was here when the differences really started to show through. I was putting in more and felt that I still wasn't getting to the places I wanted to be as fast as I probabaly would have if I was paying out a salary. But I know I wouldn't have gotten this far withoth them...

Monday, September 3, 2007

ComicSpace Page

So I totally created a comicspace page and been having a blast with it. Been meeting some interesting people on it and love looking at the art that is out there. Not just in the US but other countries as well. So come visit my page at


Thursday, August 30, 2007

8/30 show

Tonight (Live!) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show, Belkis, Hassan, Peter Palmiotti and yours truly will be interviewing "King!" creator Tom Hall. Join us 9pm est @

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So despite my best efforts, out of all the stuff I had planned to shoot for the TV show this past weekend, I only managed to do the hypnosis shoot with Belkis. It could have gone better, but I think I can squeeze a few segments out of it. If I manage to get the other stuff shot, I may have to ask her back to do more, but that can wait. She really wasn't into it and only did it for the sake of the show, so to ask her again with no real outlet would be a waste.

So now I have to push back the debut of the TV show (again) until I have everything shot and I start editing (which can take me up to the end of the year).

10/21/08 update: I still think the TV show is a good idea. but maybe it is just not meant to be. I have had numberous false starts and all I have to show for it is aome footage of the hypnosis segments (and most of that with no sound!)

Monday, August 27, 2007

The King and I

So I was on the train today and decided instead of listening to my ipod I would read a comic book. I took the liberty of reading THE KING by Thomas Hall whom we will be interviewing this Thursday on the show. I had the pleasure of speaking with him at the New York Comic Con this past July. Therefore, I'm very eager to chat with him again. It definitely was a pleasure to read something on the subway besides a novel or the newspaper like any other New Yorker. I liked the way children looked at the comic book with that stare that read, "I want to read that to." I also attracted the attention of the male species. I guess they aren't use to girls reading comic books on the trains. Must have been an odd sight for them. This reminded me of the time when two cops stopped me at a magazine shop because I was buying wrestling magazines! Yes, wrestling magazines. At one point, I took out my license and people were wondering what I did wrong. The funny thing was that the cops only stopped me because they thought it was attractive to see a girl buying a "guy" thing. I have to do the guy thing more often. So I think THE KING and I should have trips on the subway more often.

Your Public Eye

Friday, August 24, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

8/23 show

Tonight (Live) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio program, Hassan, Peter Palmiotti, Belkis and your's truly will be interviewing Sky Pirates creator Everett Soares. 9pm est

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


You know, being involved in the comic book-fantasy world tends to help with one's imagination. And anyone who knows me knows that I already have a vivid imagination. So when i start talking about "forces" (not "The Force") you'll know where all this is coming from.

It seems that (to me anyways) every time something that comes along to help me (or my company) out, the forces seem to do something to help negate that fact. For example, every show after a convention (which should yield our biggest "new" audience) something goes wrong. Usually, we lose the online feed. Two weeks ago, we had trouble with the phones when we were trying to give away free tickets to the Wizard Chicago con (another "big" event.).

But last weekend was a major blow.

I have mentioned (quite a few times) about "The Comic Book Novice" TV show. This past Saturday was set aside to shoot the panel portion of the show. Now Pete (who just came back from the Chicago con) had forgotten to bring back our banner (which was going to be used as a backdrop for this segment) so I had to postpone that until I got a new banner (seems there is no recovery for forgotten banners at a con). Since I had already took the day (well night) off from work, I decided to do the hypnosis segment with Belkis instead.

She over slept. Her Apt had no hot water. She went the wrong way to meet me. By the time she was back on track, it was too late to come to do the shoot. A wasted day.....

It wouldn't be so bad, but the place i have set aside for shooting will only be available till the end of the month (and not only that, the chances to get together to shoot anything will be reduced because I am now living really far away from her) and the only free day she has is set aside for the panel shoot.

Brian Ferrera (The New Gal Jess's husband), was set to do the animation segments, now he s getting swamped with work and is unable to do it.

So the show may (once again) be postponed.

Do not despair tho.. there are other forces at work to keep me going. How else would you explain that I have gotten this far?

10/21/08 update: ah yes, the "Forces". What can I say about them? I ran into a person who claimed to be psychic. We talked and she told me "just because you don't believe in soething doesnt mean it does not exist.". I told her about my theory regarding the forces, she was skeptical, and I told her the same thing. She said "true enough".

Thursday, August 16, 2007

8/16 show

Tonight (Live) Belkis, Peter Palmiotti, Hassan, and yours truly will be interviewing big time artist Jamal Igle ( tune in! 9pm EST

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I was a fan of Jim Aparo. I passed him by during a convention many years ago thinking I would get him next time (I was there on business, so I didn't have anything for him to sign with me). A few years later he died.

I mentioned death in an earlier blog, and really I don't have more to say on the subject. But this death. Mike Wieringo (signed his name Ringo! however) dying of a heart attack needs to be addressed. While I have all the Fantastic Four issues he drew, I was not a "Fan" of his work. That's not to say that it wasn't dynamic, or any good, it was just not my cup of tea.

They say he was very healthy, and a vegetarian. They also say he was very dedicated and loved his work. I never met the man (nor did I ever pass him by), but the fact that he died still affects me. Maybe it's because it was a sudden thing. Maybe it's because he was so...young (44). Maybe it's because he is a "name" that I can associate with (since I have his comics). But regardless, I can sympathize with his family and those close to him.

8/21/08 update: There have been so many deaths since then yet no one is any worse than the one you are associated with. At times I think about how there are so many things that can kill you any given day. Yet we (as a race) still beat the odds.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Japanese Newspaper looking for Cartoonist submissions

So a good friend of mine passed this information on to me. Here's the scoop....
The Yomiuri Shimbun, one of Japan's leading newspapers, seeks submissions for their 29th Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest. The contest is well known among renowned cartoonists from all over the globe. Winning cartoons will appear in the New Year's edition of The Yomiuri Shimbun and in early January in The Daily Yomiuri. Amateurs and professionals from all nationalites are encouraged to enter. Visit for more information. The deadline is Sept. 21, 2007.


Thursday, August 9, 2007

2 Free 3-day passes to a Con

That's right! Tonight (Live!) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show Belkis, Peter Palmiotti (calling in from Chicago), and yours truly will be agiving away 2 FREE pases to the Wizard con this weekend while discussing the "Underdog" movie. Make sure you are the first caller after I make the announcment to win the tix! As usual, this is a free flowing conversation, so spoilers may be heard. 9pm EST afterwards leave your comments here!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


A while back we did a 1408 show. I liked the movie so much I went out and read the short story that it was based on. This is the first time I have ever read "the source material" of any movie. It was an unique expierence. For one thing I had a difficult time remembering that the movie came after the story I was reading, so I was like "Hey, they left this out!" or, "They changed that" referring to the book as opposed to the movie. Another thing was that the characters in the book (regarless of how they were described) were the actors in the movie. So it was Sam Jackson and John Cusack.

Now I have only read "The Stand" (then saw the movie), and I have seen only a handful of Stephen King's movies. I even watched "Kingdom Hospital." And I have always had a problem with the way he ends the movie (with the exception of this one, 1408). We met Stephen King at the NY Comicon and he said "You know the problem is that no matter what ending you come up with, it won't beat what the reader already has in his/her mind".

But (on our show) You can hear that I said I really liked this ending. and I liked the movie. Turns out that 90% of the movie was not in the book. It really was a short story and soooo much was added for the movie. The ending was completly different, there was no daughter, and almost nothing that happened in the room happned in the book! I have to say that I really didn't like the story at all. I wonder if I had read the story first would I have even went to the movies to do and do a show on it?

10/21/08 update: Recently I saw the movie "The Ruins" (based on the novel by the same name). It was really bad. A friend of mine who didn't see the movie had read the book told me that alot of points that I had mentioned to her in the movie were in the book. Yet the (SPOILER) fact that the girl got away at the end didn't happen. I am actually curious to see what happens in the book. Peter David, my favorite comic book writer once said that the whole point of any movie that is based on a book (or even comic book) is designed to make you go and read the source material. So I guess "The Runis" did its job (only sort of seeing as how I don't plan to go run out and buy the book, but if it ever crosses my path, I'll give it a read.

Monday, August 6, 2007

My Calendar Project Update

James Rodriguez from Nova Studios and I have been working on this calendar project for a few months now. We are taking our time with it because we don't want to rush. It has to be done in a timely and proper manner. Basically, it will be a calendar with about 12 artist collaborating together for a self-promotion. If the schedule goes well, the calendar should be done for 2009. I'm very excited to be working with all the artist because I feel that they are very talented. So I recently got the final artwork from them and I fell in love. The work is gorgeous and really believe it will be a huge success. The next step is to shoot. I found a lovely and great photographer for this project. She is great with light and I saw more of her work today. I am confident that she will get the job done. She is more than willing to help us. We decided we could shoot in the next two weeks. I can't wait for it because that will let me know in what direction this is going. I finally feel that this is coming all together.

posted by Belkis

Thursday, August 2, 2007

8/2 giveaway show

Tonight (Live!) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio program, join Belkis, Peter Palmiotti (from the Vegas strip), "New Girl Jess" (well, actually her hubby Brian Ferrera will be sitting in for her) and yours truly as we talk about the Simpsons movie. This will be a free flowing discussion, so spoilers may be heard.

In addition to us talking about the Simpsons movie, we will be giving away 2 3-day passes to the Wizard World Chicago convention (! Listen in for your time to call!

9pm est (

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A little bit of everything

So as I take a break from packing a box to sent to Peter Palmiotti for the Wizard Chicago ( I decided to let everyone know about any updates to "The Comic Book Novice" (and MFC Studios) world.

First off, the website is updated. We have added our "Official" theme song. It was composed and recorded by Brian Ferrera ("The New Gal" Jess' husband) from Terminal Press ( I had always wanted a theme song, but it wasn't ready when we first started the radio show. so while the radio show will always have the "Spider-man" song, everything else will have the "Official" song.

All the archives are updated so you can hear all of our most recent shows that you may have missed (and shame on you if you did!).

We Have some contests. The folks at Wizard have given us 4 3-day passes. I'm going to give them away (Live) on the shows leading up to the con (2 this week, 2 the next).

"The Novice" Belkis has started posting in this very blog! (Hopefully) she will be updating every Monday while I will continue to post on Tuesday and Thursday.

The TV show (well, web-tv show...I know there is an official name for it....) is coming along nicely. I am working on the subject topics for the shows and everyone else seems psyched. The way I see it we "should" have the shows ready to put up on the site late September. Fingers crossed!

Lastly, Pete has put up some more of his pics on the "Pete's Pics" section of the website. Drop him, or us a line and let us know what you think!

10/21/08 update: Wow, it's funny how things were going nicely just before they weren't. I guess that is true with everything ("He was always alive until he wasn't", or "I always tell the truth 'cept when I am not"). Belkis didn't do much blogging, she (like Hassan and even Pete with his Pics.) just had too much a their "real" jobs to deal with. Maybe that is the problem there. I shouldn't be calling it a "real" job, I should be calling it a "paying" job.... Even better, I'm going to call it their "main" job. So their "main" jobs were taking alot of time away from this job (which part of it was blogging). Hell, this is my main job and I only posted once a week (mostly because I don't have much to say quite so often).

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Dark Knight

Hello everyone. I'm Belkis and this is my first blog posting...weeeee!! So my good friend, James Rodriguez, totally send me a link to the movie trailer for the THE DARK KNIGHT which is a sequel to BATMAN BEGINS. I wasn't particularly impressed with BB. I guest I was too in love with Tim Burton's style to picture anyone else working on this series (considering the fact that Joel Schumacher did not live up to my expectations as Burton's successor). However, I did see the trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT and I must looks good. Even though the trailer doesn't give you much visual, here are my reasons as to why this particular BATMAN movie will be a box office hit. First, let's thank Christopher Nolan for putting the dark back into Batman and coming back to direct the second installation of this reprised franchise. Secondly, Christian Bale is back playing the title role. Nothing beats having the main actor coming back for the sequel especially when he did a good job in the first place. Sorry Val Kilmer and George Clooney. Also, he's still young and could definitely appeal to the next generation. Again, sorry Val Kilmer and George Clooney. Next, our favorite villian is back and this time he will be played by Heath Ledger. This will be something to look forward to considering the fact that I would never picture Heath Ledger to be the next Joker. However, he is a good actor and Jerry Robinson who co-created the basic concept of the Joker was his consultant. This means that they wouldn't expect anything less from Ledger. Don't want to give too much away. It will only make me more eager to see it knowing that it opens NEXT summer! Here is the link for those of you who want to watch.... or go to ENJOY!

-Posted by "Just" Belkis

Thursday, July 26, 2007

7/26 show

Tonight (Live!) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show Hassan (finally back in the studio), Belkis, Peter Palmiotti (calling in from The San Diego Comic con), and yours truly will be interviewing journalist Bill Baker ( 9pm EST Afterwards leave your comments here

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


A long time ago I had planned to make a TV show to go along with the radio show. there are so many reasons (that i won't go into right now) which stopped that from happening. But recently "The Novice" Belkis brought new information which now makes it possible to record and have our TV show as a web cast.
The show will be broken into 5 parts with a small animation as a bumper between segments. the first part will be just like the radio show where the four of us (Peter Palmotti, Hassan, Belkis and myself) will have a round table discussion. The second part will have Belkis on the "street" interviewing comic book fans. the third part will have "The Masked Ranter" where he will just rant about anything and everything comic book novice related. The fourth part will have Peter Palmiotti going behind the scenes at either Marvel, DC, or maybe even Wizard entertainment. The fifth part will have me doing hypnosis. I plan to do some type of hypnosis demonstration with Belkis as my lovely assistant.
Filming will be happening soon, but I figure the finished product will be done maybe sometime late September. Keep and eye out for updates on the site!

10/21/08 update: While trying not to sound like a broken record, the TV show just couldn't happen. I got as far as actually recording a few bits of hypnosis with Belkis, but one of the cameras had no sound, so even that footage was useless. While I think the TV show would have been a great thing, it is just too much to put together with people working for free. Maybe if I was still in high school, it would be easier. Tech has caught up with today's youth and it looks like everyone is making something. Just look at Youtube.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

7/19 show

Tonight (Live!) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show Belkis, Hassan, Peter Palmiotti, and yours truly will be discussing the movie "1408". As with all of our "movie" shows, this will be a free flowing discussion, so spoilers may occur. 9pm EST (

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Helping others while helping myself

I always wanted to have my own comic book published. Never wanted anything else. Well, more specifically, I wanted to work in comics, but after years of orbiting the outside I now see that your own book is the way to go (not that I wouldn't jump at a chance to work on the big 2) .
Next year is my shot. Not only is my book going to come out ("The Chosen Few") but one of my characters (Sunburst) is going to be featured in the Multi-company crossover called "War of The Independents". To top it all off, I'm supposed to co-write a one shot lead-in to that aforementioned crossover using 3 characters (Ezra, Talon, Bright Eyes) none of which is mine!
But before any of that happens, One of those characters (Talon) has a shot at her very own series. Her creator (Scottie Ray Watson) is involved in "Small Press Idol" a contest from Dimestore productions (
The Prize? A 4 issue run. Not a bad gig. All the rounds (there have been four) were all based on voting. This round is the same but you have to pre-order a copy of the book as your vote. I haven't voted (but that's because I'm not really into voting as a process), but I am going to order a copy of "Talon". "Why?" you may ask. "What about the others?", "Don't they deserve a chance also?" may be your follow questions. Well, If "Talon" wins, not only can Scott achieve his dream, but it helps me in my dream. So why not?

10/21/08 update: Swat won! Dimestore is waiting on him to publish the book an I'm still waiting on the collaboration with him and Peter Palmiotti. Funny thing is that the runner up "Sky Pirates" has already published and are constantly promoting their book.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

7/12 show

Tonight (live!) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show Join Hassan, Jennifer Smith (back from Cap watch '07), Peter Palmiotti, and yours truly as we discuss the new Transformers movie. This will be a free flowing conversation so spoliers will flow freely. 9pm est . Afterwards leave your comments here!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007



There are a few things I have to say before I talk about this movie. First, Michael Bay LOVES to blow up stuff. He LOVES car chases, and action. Second, Michael Bay has been quoted to say "Originally when I was contacted to do the Transformers I was going to pass, but then I thought I could make this into the next superhero franchise". And third, I was a HUGE Transformer fan. I still love the original movie and can (almost) recite the whole movie word for word (with music cues). Oh, Fourth, sometimes I tend to ramble...
So I felt it's only fair that I review this movie two ways. First as a "Transformers movie" and then as a "movie". Think of it as the American Godzilla. It just HAD TO be reviewed two ways. But this movie is different. it's its own thing.....
I was negative going into the movie. But just a few days before I saw it, I went to see Fantastic Four 2. One of the trailers was for Transfomrers. I heard the sound. the sound effect of the Transforming. It was only Prime, but it was there. Then I had heard that they got the original voice actor to do Prime's voice (Peter Cullen). Then I talked to this one guy who is a projectionist and he said he saw it on Saturday. He said he was a Trasnformer fan and he liked it. So last night I had my hopes up. The movie opens and the first thing I hear is Peter Cullen's voice. I was very happy. The beginning started off prety good. I was thinking maybe I'm gonna like this after all.
I was wrong.
The movie was inconsistant. They didn't know what kind of moive they wanted to be. A love story? An action flick? A Serious invasion movie? A comedy? It was like 6 different guys wrote this movie. And you can tell which guy wrote which parts. There were some parts that were a tip of the hat to the original series and yet at the same time it was insulting to the original fans. If they got Peter, why not Frank Welker for Megatron? He's still alive and still does voices for movies and TV all the time. Hell, he's doing the voice for Megatron in the freakin' video game! As a Transformer fan, I was (almost) eating up any nugget of old Transformers that they gave to me. When Prime said "One shall stand! One shall fall!" I was so happy (It's a quote taken from the original movie). I know that most of it came from Peter's voice, but they had a little robot Transform into a radio (like Soundwave) or when they had Bumblebee right next to an old (yellow) Volswagen Beetle. So if it was a better overall movie the Transformer stuff would have keep me going.
But it was crap.
As a movie itself, a lot of things didn't make sense. There was no explainiation as to why the events started as they did. Spike (although they didn't call him that) buys Bumblebee. Coincidence? it's not supposed to be. But they make it seem like it. Then halfway through, they decided that it's not. The Transformers were looking for the "all spark" a thing that supposed to give life to the Transformers (for you fans, it's like a mix of the Matrix and an Energon cube). Megatron came to Earth looking for it and got frozen in the artic. Then like 80 (or something like that) years later the Decepticons seem to find out that Spike has the location of the "all spark" because he has some glasses that has the location imprinted on it. Yet at the climax of the movie, we find that the "all spak" has been moved so the glasses are moot. A few times throughout the movie Prime lets everyone know that if he places the "all spark" in his chest he will die and destroy the "all spark" with him. So when they get the "all spark" they decided to have Spike run away with it while the Autobots and some military guys (who were stationed in Iraq) protect him. Megatron was way powerful and the Decepticons were overall stronger that the Autobots. So how do they win? Well, Prime yells to spike to place the spark inside if him (while getting his bumper handed to him by Megatron) and Spike magages to place the "all spark" inside Megatron's chest!. If a freakin' human could do that how difficult would it have been for a Transformer to do it? And why try to keep it away from Megatron to begin with? why not be like "here you go" then slip it right into the chest? Even the killing was inconsistant. Some deaths were overy tramatic, and some were like "oh well, he's dead, let's move and with this crappy movie". Oh, one last thing (well, I really could go on and on about it) I think Michael Bay is a Democrat. He takes an (obvious) political stand in the movie and manages to even poke fun at the President...
It's never a good thing when I get bored in an action flick. And that was exactly what I was. sure the visuals were nice, but it was nothing new, and a the story just wasn't there to keep me interested. Some people will like it. Those people have way lower standards than I have (not that that is a bad thing. cause if I did, then I would have enjoyed the movie!).

10/21/08 update: I hate this movie more and more every time I think about it. Now Shia Lebouf is on my short list of arch enemies. Oh, they are going to make 2 sequels next up is Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Seriously. Part 3 will be called "Transformers 3: The search for more money"!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

7/5 show

Tonight (Live!) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show, Peter Palmiotti, Hassan, Belkis, and yours truly discuss the Fantastic Four sequel. As usual, if you plan on seeing the movie and DO NOT want to know anything about it, wait 'till after you see it, then download the show. The will be a free-flowing discussion, so potential spoilers tend to flow. 9pm EST After you hear the show, leave your comments here.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

2 different things..

I like structure. That is why I post once a week. Sometimes I'm like "hey this (enter subject) might be a good thing to blog about. But it's not Tuesday. Sometimes I'm like "aw crap it's Tuesday and I have nothing to blog about".
So If I were to expand the frequency of my blogs I may run out of things to say or worse I won't keep my schedule. It has occurred to me that I can save my blogs and then post them later. So now I can write my thoughts down at any time and then publish them on Tuesday. If I start to get a back log of blogs only then will I start to increase my postings.

But that isnt what this blog is about (well, actually it is given the title)

This past Saturday, I took Peter Palmiotti and Jennifer down to the Crazee Comic guy's podcasting area to do their show. It had been months in the making, but scheduling was always a problem. Anyways after getting there 2 hours late (they wanted to eat and be late) we did the show.
It was a bit different than I am used to on my show. there was really no warrning to start (like a music cue) and we just went. At the station, we all (well, 4 of us at least) get head sets and here only Sam (the show's host) had one. There really was no structure in the fact that we just talked. It was more like a really good conversation with friends at a social event than doing an actual show.
so much so in fact that although we were scheduled for 1 hour we lasted 3! It was fun and a nice change of pace. Take a listen to it here:

10/21/08 update: They finally got Hassan to do the show. You can listen to it here:

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tonight's show

Tonight (live!) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show Belkis, Peter Palmiotti, Hassan and yours truly will be discussing the Big Apple Con. If you were there feel free to call in and share your stories! 9pm EST afterwards leave your comments here

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Results little convention season is over. 2 cons in as many weeks was very tiring. I have no idea how the dealers do it! This past Big Apple con was interesting in contrast to the Philly con. They both had good points and bad. Belkis did a pretty good job, but I didn't get to see her selling skills which is keeping me from sending her to Chicago for the next big con. Pete however is going so I'm gonna send some stuff with him.
We finally got an intern to help with the video editing! hooray! now (maybe) we can start catching up and have all the interviews online in..hmmm 2 months? We did a whole lot of them at the NY comicon.
Oh, and we got about 70+ hits since before the Philly con so the word is spreading! Maybe this will lead to people responding to my blogs! One can only hope!

10/21/08 update: Belkis always said that she could sell stuff, which makes me wonder how well her calendar sold. The intern for the video stuff didn't work out (yet another pay for play reference). Pete went by himself to the Chicago con and I think that might not have been the best idea. He left my banner and tablecloth at the con! In hindsight, I think he should have just walked around not be stuck at the table.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


This is an interview with Mike Carbanaro, the promoter of the Big Apple Comic con.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tonight's show

Tonight (Live!) join "The Novice" Belkis, Peter Palmiotti, Hassan (via phone) and myself as we talk about the Philly con. If you were there, call in and share your stories. 9pm EST . Afterwards, leave your comments here...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1 down 1 to go

Well, I managed to survive my first big con. Getting there was an indication of how things were to go. Seems that the hotel was on one street and the directions said to go to a different street. so that was an hour wasted.....
Once we got settled, it took me a few hours to get into a groove. Certain things that I had forgotten about cons came back to me. I had done cons before, but my last one was in '04 (I think) and then I didn't have anything to sell. I have a small window to make my pitch. Fortunately the Philly crowd is waaaay different from the New York Crowd so it was easier to get them to come to my table and give out a flier. Unfortunately, Peter and I (along with our guest at the table Brian Kong, but he had his own stuff to sell) are not "sellers" that's what the girls are for.
See just like the radio show itself, each person has a specific job to do. Since I hadn't done a con in such a long time, and every con I had attended previously always had (at least) one girl, I forgot that point. Pete's job was to network. He went around and used his name to tell others about the show (which he did). He also brought a "name" to the table. My job is to know about everything at the table and make the pitch. I should be able to answer any and all questions about the show, the stuff for sale, and the upcoming projects that are being promoted (which I did). The girls sell. Jennifer couldn't make it, Jess was actually there, but she was working at her own table, and it was too much of a short notice for Belkis to come. So there was no girl. Sales were very low. But I think I spread the word better than ever before. According to the counter on the web page, we jumped 40+ hits between Thursday and Monday. Now I have to see how much more we jump on This Thursday.
I met some cool guys, made a slew of contacts, got some guests for the show. The bad thing is that the cons (both this week's and last week's) messed up my radio show scheduling. Had I not attended the cons, this weeks show would have been the FF4 2 review, next week would be the 1408 review, then Transformers. All one week after the came out in the theaters. But with the cons, we do a con wrap up show so that puts me 2 weeks behind. So, this week we talk about Philly, next is Big Apple, then FF, Transformers, and 1408. Oh well.....

10/21/08 update: While cons should have been the highlight of my company, it turned out to be the downside of "coming back". The radio show had a pretty good dynamic (even with the cast changes), but the cons seemed to fall short. Once again (I see a recurring theme here) it's a pay for play issue. I felt that everyone was as into this as I was. While they all want to succeed, it's just not the same as my drive, my desire. For them it was something, for me it was everything. It still is.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tonight's show

Tonight (live!) join Peter Palmiotti, our newest addition "The Novice" Belkis, and yours truly as we interview comic creator Christian Montalvo ( 9pm EST. after the show post your comments here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

3 days to go

Or 2 depending on how you count it. I am really nervous. Not for all the reasons of doing a con (even a big one like this) but because everything is NOT ready. As I sit here typing this, I am still burning CD's of the new "Best of", Peter Palmiotti *should* be inking a print of a preview piece of "The Chosen Few" which still needs to be colored and then actually printed out. The Cd covers and sleeves still need to be printed and cut and pasted together, and I need to get a few convention items from storage (but if I can't find them, I can go with out that).
As for everything else I have to bring, it's all here in my office, just not "prepared" to go. So the next few days, I am going to be just doing what ever I can so that when I get my prints and CD covers and lables, That will be the only thing to worry about.

10/21/08 update: Pete dropped the ball and artwork wasn't fully ready. I spent the whole of Friday putting together CD's (and since I didn't sell any, that time could have been spent handing out fliers).

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tonight's show

Tonight (live!) on "The Comic Book Novice" Jennifer, Hassan (by phone), Peter Palmiotti, and myself will be interviewing Mike Heronime ( Join us tonight at 9pm est.

after the show leave your posts here!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I have been to conventions before. I've been to big ones, little ones, crappy ones...and I have even had a table at a con or two. But in 10 days, I am going to have a table at my biggest con yet! This is huge for me. Six months ago I would have never dreamed that I would be at the Philly Wizard con....yet here I am.
Here's the thing tho....with all previous cons, I figure that things will improve. Meaning that out listenership will increase, we will get s'more advertisers, the word will get out....Never happens. In the past 6 months I feel that I have done more than having a table at a con has done for me before.

So why go?

Because now I believe that I have a better product to "sell" we have comics that are coming out next year, the radio show is doing well. and we have t-shirts and hats to wear!
So If you are going to the Philly con stop by our table #2512 and say "Hi!"

10/21/08 update: I went. It was something. I took photos handed out oh-so-many fliers made some very important connections. But, I didn't sell anything. I hadn't realized it yet, but CD's were being phased out in lieu of downloads. I was always behind on the curve of technology....

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tonight's show

Tonight on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show, Jennifer, Hassan, Peter Palmiotti and yours truly interview Indy publishers Dennis Greenhill and Lee Kohse from Bloodfire Studios ( Listen in 9pm EST, Afterwards leave your comments here

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Still more behind the scenes

It's very odd to me that the shows sound different when listening to them on tape (or online). When I'm in the studio things are hectic. I forget to say a lot of things. I have to keep a constant eye on the time and give hand signals to the rest of the panel in the studio. During our breaks (about 1 minute each, we normally have 2 of them) I have to give feedback and and sometimes just take a breather.
When I actually hear the show, it seems to flow so smoothly. I sound like I know what I'm doing and everyone does their job. There is little or no indication of all the little things that go on in the station (unless it is mentioned on the air).
Another thing I find interesting is that some of the comments said in the studio don't come across the same way as they do on the air. Sometimes "Looks" are given, or maybe some one says something in jest, but it comes across as completely different when you don't see the facial expressions behind it.
I wonder if other radio shows are like this......

10/21/08 update: Another thing I noticed is that there is a delay with people in the studio and the call-in guests and it's even more apparent when we have 2 people on the phone. I have noticed similiar things with live news programs. I wonder if other do also.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

tonight's show

Tonight (live!) on "The Comic Book Novice" Radio show. Jennifer, Hassan, Peter Palmiotti, and myself will talk about quaility vs quantity. Is getting your book on time more important than the story? Join us and let us know your thoughts. Tonight 9pm est or you can listen to the show and leave your thoughts here

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It took me a while to type this blog out. Death is the one thing that everyone understands. Even the worst of worst bosses understands that one would need (at least) a few moments to themselves when someone close to them dies.

Now Death means different things to different people and Death isn't just a family or friend dying it can be anything. I look at it as a loss. Such as death of a childhood, death of ones happiness, death of a friendship, even death of "things" such as TV, a home, even a car.

Now to me, every one's death is just as important as anyone elses. So I feel for a person who lost someone the same way I feel for myself. Not saying that if "Bob's" mom died I feel the same way I did when my mom died, I'm saying that I feel for Bob the way I felt for myself when it happened. Does that make any sense to you guys?

But this is not about my views on death (or is it seeing as how it's my blog....). It's about a death that just happened (or is going to happen). As I sit here my dog of 15 years is about to be killed. People like to say "put to sleep", but not me. Because that is not what I'm doing. I'm going to kill my dog. Yesterday, he got to a point where he could not stand up on his own. His front leg gave out. Now yes he's old, and he had "problems" but in my mind, as long as he could stand up on his own, he was gonna keep on living....

I spoke to a lot of my friends. And to them (mostly) it's not killing my dog. It was being selfless and putting him out of his misery. He was in pain which is why he couldn't stand up. That doesn't really help me. The fact is that he is gone. Dead. And I will miss him.

My home is a bit quieter now. and a little more empty......

EDIT: here I am 4 months past, and still I have dreams and continue to feel the emptiness. What's interesting is that as I dwell of one loss, the other losses in my life seem to jump up in my mind.

this is incomplete....and with death, the feelings, like this post will remain incomplete for a long time....

10/21/08 update: All this time later and I am still constantly reminded about death and all who I have lost. I read somewhere that the human mind has a failsafe regarding death where they can only take so much before putting it out of thier mind. I guess that's why there is humor at a funeral. People laugh at times where most are crying. I gues that is how people carry on.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Zombies on the radio

Tonight Live on "The Comic Book Novice" radio program, Peter Palmiotti, Hassan, Jennifer (back from cap watch 2007) and myself will be reviewing the movie "28 Weeks Later" SPOILERS TO FLOW FREELY. Seen it? Join us and let us know what you think. Havent seen it yet and plan to? Wait 'till after you see it and download our show from the archives! 9pm est

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A little more behind the scenes

So, 2 weeks ago (our 5-3-07 show) was another crazy one. More so than our previous one. The show was supposed to be about the movie "The Invisible". New girl Jess, wasn't going to be able to do the show and Hassan had major car trouble that week, so it was most likely that he hadn't seen the movie, and Jennifer was going to be on a Cruise. So it was up to me and Pete to see the movie and do the show.

Because of scheduling, Pete and I had to see the movie the day of the show. as an added bonus, after the show we were going to see special screening of Spidey 3 at the movie theater I work at on the weekends. So the day was to be like this:

Meet Pete
go see Invisible
Go to radio station
race back to see Spidey 3 (the screening was at 10pm)

Pete had to work his regular job that morning so we had to see the early afternoon show of Invisible. No problem, still have plenty of time to make it to the station.

I get a call at 4:30pm when we are supposed to meet.

Pete tells me that he just got up and there was no way he could get to me to see the show. Frantic, I told him to get there ASAP and I would figure something out. He had no minutes on his phone, so I told him to call me at a payphone when he was near. So during this time I decided to eat, make some calls and play bowling on my phone as I waited.

I get a call at 5:45pm.

It's a fellow employee from the theater asking me for a ride and informing me that the Spidey 3 screening is at 9:30 instead of 10!

Then my phone dies.

So now I have to go into the subway and hope that I see Pete come out of the train.

It's 7pm. No Pete, no movie.

So at this point I have to figure that Pete came, didn't see me, couldn't contact me and went home. So I left.

Now I had to think of a new show. At best it would be me and Hassan (if he actually made it to the station). So I had to go to the mall and get a car charger for my phone (it would take me to long to go home and charge the phone there and then make any phone calls and then head to the station).

Got the charger. It's almost 8pm now.

Turns out that Peter tried to (well, he actually did) call me 7 times. He was still there! So I had to go get him. Made a few calls, and got a Penciler to be a call in guest. Also made sure Hassan was going to be in the studio.

So here I am , past 8 and going in the opposite direction of the station to go and get Pete. AND I still have no idea exactly where he is, cause in each message he says "I'm gonna walk around". Rule #1 when you don't have a cell phone and you are meeting someone who is not answering his phone. Stay put by the phone.

It's 8:30 now. I decided that there is no way I can get Pete and make it to the station in time. Since I didn't want a repeat of the previous weeks show (see the last Tuesday's post), I had to turn around and leave him there hoping he would call again so I could tell him to go home.

As soon as I turn around he calls. I tell him the situation and also tell him about Spidey 3. He's like "Screw you guys, I'm going home!"

Not more than 2 minutes later He calls back. Turns out that he didn't bring extra cash with him b/c I usually drive him home after the show and he used up all his change trying to call me. So he was stranded. Rule #2 when ever going anywhere, make sure you have train/bus fare on your metrocard.

I just made it to the station.........

10/21/08 update: Boy, what a day that was. I should have just did my own thing. Saved myself the hassle. Looking back, I regret all the little extra things I did. I think I made the business too personal.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spidey's on the radio

Tonight (Live) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show, New Girl Jess joins Hassan, Peter Palmiotti, and myself as we talk about the record breaking Spiderman 3. Spoliers included! If you've seen it, join us and call in and share your thoughts. 9pm EST, if not, wait to see it then download our show from the archives. Afterwards, leave your comments here!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A little behind the scenes

So the last two weeks were...interesting regarding the show. Normally, Peter Palmiotti takes the L.I.R.R. to the radio station and I pick him up from there. Sometimes I am late and I have had others give him a ride from the (train) station to the (radio) station. On our 4/26 show, Pete was the one who was running late. He missed his train and the next one (which he was on when he called me) would not arrive until 9:35pm. Hassan (at the time) was also running late (traffic). He was coming from work from Wizard and everything was backed up. Jennifer had off, and The new girl Jess wasn't able to come in. We had a call in guest for that show, so that meant that Pete, Hassan, and our guest could not all call into the show. So I had to try and meet Pete at an earlier station and race to the studio.

I got him at 8:53pm.

So I told Hassan not to call in and I called the radio station and told him the situation. We decided to do the show from the car until we got to the station. Despite all that, I think the show went pretty well, even Jennifer called in towards the end as a pleasant surprise.

10/21/08 update: That was a drain on me...Picking up (and dropping off people) on Thursdays. I tried to do that to make up for not paying them. That took its toll on me. Calling in to the show was always meant to be a back up. It was easier to do, but it encouraged bad practices. To be a regular on the show you had to be in the studio.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tonight's show

Tonight (Live) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show we will have a movie review of the film "Invisible". Spoilers abound! 9pm est. Seen it? tell us what you thought! Afterwards leave your comments here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pirates of the Burning Sea

MFC Studios produces The Comic Book Novice, a comic book themed multi-media experience. We have a radio show, blogs, and video interviews. This is an interview with Jess LeBow, the content manager of the upcoming MMO "Pirates of the Burning Sea" from Flying Lab Software, that was shot at the 2007 New York Comic Con.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

tonight's show

Tonight (live) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show, our guest will be comic book writer Dave Ryan. He is also the brain child of the upcoming "War of the Independents" comic which will be published by Arcana Comics ( Also this will be part 3 of our 3-part listener appreciation shows. Listen in! 9pm est. afterwards, leave you comments here about this weeks show.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Late meet

Today I had a meeting with my web master. It went really good (except for the drive back!). Things are moving forward. We talked about getting more than one intern (which boggles my mind), were going to try to do some live video recordings and put it right up on the site (at the philly con) and we talked about all the stuff needed for the con and the general direction of the web site. Looks good!

10/21/08 update: The live video feed....a good idea, but we just couldn't get it to work. I guess (for now) it will remain a dream of mine.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tonight's show

Tonight our guest will be Theresa Pudenz ( she will be discussing her new MMOR game "Pirates of the Burning sea". Also tonight is part 2 of our listener appreciation segment. Listen in and leave your comments here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

As I sit here recovering from my (for now anyways) final dentist appointment. I am thinking about many things. The Don Imus thing...If you actually heard it, it really wasn't racial, nor was it started by him...Don Ho...He died the other day at (I believe 76) I saw him once in Hawaii (got the photo to prove it). It was a good show....Getting ready for the Philly and Big Apple Con...It's gonna be a race to have everything done in time. But things are moving in the right direction....The new girl for the show...Jess is doing fine, but her availability is crappy.....The intern...Will I get one, how exactly will that work out? The bus's still a year away, but it seems like we are way behind schedule...My comic book that I'm slated to write. It's called "Triple Threat" a tie-in to the "War of Independents" cross over that Dave Ryan is doing (featuring my character)...more on that next week!

10/21/08 update: Ah, the bus tour. The only good thing I can say about that is: It wasn't my idea, and (thankfully) It didn't cost me a dime. Once I saw that it wasn't going to happen (due to the timetables and lack of co-ordination). I Simply distanced myself from that and just focused on me going to the SDCC.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tonight's Show

Tonight as our guest in the studio, we will be talking to Mark Mazz ( Check out his site and tune in. 9pm est

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Internal affairs (part 3)

Ok, I went today and spoke to the "Intern guy". Turns out that I didn't need any forms (which I was led to believe). All I need to do is give the guy an...well, I have to advertise about my company to get an intern. Like a REAL JOB! So now (while I sit here in pain from my root canal) I have to think of a way to sell myself. I mean I have been doing that (with trying to get advertisers, and listeners) but this is different. this is someones life, their career......I'll keep you informed!

10/21/08 update: I made my pitch and got no hits.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Internal affairs (part 2)

Yep, it's April already and I'm supposed to (well, I already went) go to Nassau Community College to see if I can get an intern. I went to both NCC and Hofstra in January and NCC told me to come back in April (Hofsta didnt pan out).
So here we are and I have a follow up appointment tomorrow. Now I'm just eager to get anyone to be an intern. Before I was concerned about the "filtering process" but I think it's gonna be slim pickings....
I think that if I'm lucky, not only will I find a creative person, but someone who's personality fits in with the crew.
Oh, and someone with a car... I'll post a follow up on wednesday...

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Turtles Tonght!

Tonight on "The Comic Book Novie" radio program (live!), We will be reviewing the new Ninja Turtle movie. Seen it? Call in 9pm est

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Preparing for the con

After last week's show, I was talking to Peter Palmiotti about the upcoming conventions. In June there are 3 (so far) that I know of. The MOCCA, the Philly Wizard con, and the Bigapple con. so that's 3 weekends out of 4. We started to brain storm about attending (at least) two of them. Pete said "If we are going to do that, then we should have stuff to sell there."

As many of you may or may not know, having a table cost money, and it would be unwise to not try and recoup some of that money.

So here's what we are working on so far. We are going to have Bill Tucci do a print promoting my comic (due out next year, maybe sooner....) "The Chosen Few". I figure a color print can go for $10 bucks. We plan on having Bill sit with us or next to us so that he can sign the prints. I have Penciler Brian Kong working on a cover for our new CD that we plan to release in June, Our new "Best of" "The Comic Book novice". It will have all new clips from past shows and if I manage to pull it off, we will also have our old CD's for sale as well....

10/21/08 update: Due to contracts, We never got Bill to do the promo piece. I instead turned to (Savage she-Dragon artist) Franchesco! to take up that duty. He did a bang up job and the art was turned into our cover for the book.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tonight's show

Tonight on "The Comic Book Novice" radio show, Hassan, Pete and I (along with the new gal Jess) will be talking about The graphic novel (or trade paperback) vs. publishing a monthly comic. Feel free to give us your thoughts! 9pm est after you listen in leave any comments here!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This is now

I was just thinking over the weekend how things have changed. I was remembering how I had given myself 6 months to see if this endeavor would be feasible. Last time I really didn't give myself a time line, I just went for it sink or swim.

I sank.


But I didn't drown. I took what i had learned and waited "until things were "as good as they were going to get" before trying this again.

So here we are. Before I didn't have a web site, I do now. Before I was focusing on money coming in, this time i am focusing on marketing, promotion. Last time I used to have difficulty booking guests or getting the show ready before Thursday, now I am weeks (and in some cases) months ahead. Before I had little or no help from people on the show (Except Jennifer, she really was behind me on this), now Hassan has stepped up to the plate and Peter (who replaced Todd, for those of you who remember) is now a big part of the show. I now have contacts and made business relationships that I didn't have before. Things look like they are going in the right direction.

With Jennifer leaving the show, i will not have her unique perspective that she brought to the show. Jess will do fine, but she wont be there all the time.

So if you see us at a convention with new faces, and new stuff to promote/give away/sell and wonder (hopefully in a positive way) "what happened to them?" Just remember that was then, this is now.....

10/21/08 update: I swam a little longer this time. I think I actually have stuff to show for it. My comic is being published, and who knows, the radio show may come back one day.....

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tonight's show

Tonight on the radio show, our call in guest will be James Rodriguez from Nova Star Studios, Dreamchilde Press, and C.A.G. (the comic artist's guild). Listen to the show and post your thoughts/comments here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Captain America Dies (again)

Many of you don't know that I am waaay behind on my comic book reading. So while at my "day job" I take the time and read as many comics as I can. Some I can't read because I am missing some issues, and I like to get the whole story. But I have so much to read that really isn't an (pardon the pun) an issue.

Anyways...I just finished reading Marvel Comic's "Last Man Standing", "Last Planet Standing", and "A-Next" second series. It was an uneven tale, by Tom DeFalco, but still a good read if you want to know the whole story. In it, Captain America died and gets turned into a star by Thor. This series of books are set in the M2 Universe which (at one point in time) was supposed to be the "official" future of the Marvel Universe set (about (10 years ahead). Seeing as how I still haven't read "Civil War" or "Captain America" issue 25, It was a weird feeling to see him die even tho he was just killed. I wonder if that lessened the effect of the story.....

10/21/08 update: Death in comics have seem to lost it's meaning to me. You know they are going to come back. Since comics (at least now-a-days) are less...fluid, you can always go back and tell more stories about a character who has died without brining them back. So I say if you kill them off. Keep them dead.