Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Four Marks

I was at a BBQ this past week and it came up in conversation that I was a fighter when I was little. I used to have a temper. Still do, but I have kept it in check since high school. It occurred to me that the people that I have met through my life only know one (or maybe two) of the four possible Marks that exist.

The first Mark which was from early childhood to around 1989. I had a temper, a clear view of right and wrong good and bad.
The second Mark wich started around 1988. I started to find my leadership role, and my personality.
The third Mark which came around 1999 is very contridicatory. I was depressed and full of life at the same time. Very witty and dedicated.
And the foruth and final Mark is the professional one. The private one.

Which Mark do you know?
How many "Yous" are there?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Skype is the limit

We are trying to keep the show going (until we get some sponsors to go back live on the air), My co-host Brian Ferrera suggested we try and use skype to record a show online. Once we try that out we may start to update shows again. In the mean time I am looking for the tapes of our first time around of the CBN to upload that to the site.

My webmaster has been back-logged (guess he now understands the position the original webmaster was in) so the site is (very) slowly updating content. Hopefully it will all be up before the end of the year.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

So I have been quiet for the past few days (well, week really). The show is on hiatus, but I think we might be able to do just podcasting soon. The coverages from the past two cons are being edited and (very slowly) being uploaded to the site. The book is out, and I have submitted it to Image comics and am looking into a few more places to see if I can get picked up again. The guys at Dark Elf Designs are ok with that based on our conversations (and since one of the heads of the company is inking the book, he will still get some $$).

It's weird haveing another Thursday with no show to do. Hopefully some of the potential sponsors will pick us up and we can go back on the air. Last time it took a couple of years before we were back. This time around I figure only (at most) a couple of months.

"What can I do to help?" you may be asking. Send me an e-mail, let me know if you have been listening to the show and what you think. If you want us back, let people know, spread the word, buy my book. Be active in our shows future.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 14 show

Tonight (August 14, 2008 ) LIVE on "The Comic Book Novice" radio program Join me, Mark Torres, Hassan Godwin, and Terminal Press' Brian Ferrera as we discuss the role of the independent comic

What are your thoughts? Give us a call (631) 888-8811.

Not in New York? Not a problem, we have live audio streaming online at

9pm Eastern Standard Time

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Now in our second consecutive year!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Times are tough. While on my many road trips (all of them alot smaller than driving to California) I hear about (on the radio) how we are in a recession. Yet at the same time the Dark Knight is breaking box office records left and right and oil companies are making record profits. So I am puzzled as to if it is a good or bad time to be running a company, looking for sponsors.

Technically, I have been running this company since 2002 but we weren't "official" (or even incorporated) until 2006. Way back then I had a goal. To get my comic book out. Somewhere along the way I got a radio show. Now it's one of those things where I am the producer so It's my show. I pay for everything. To make money, I have to sell ad space.

When I first started, I focused on getting sponsors. That lasted me a little over a year. I had sponsors (a couple of them) but no one really knew about the show. This time around (after our lengthy hiatus) I focused on promotion of the show. I made a lot of contacts, did some really good interviews and gone to places I never thought I would be able to get to. So the word is out, but no sponsors.

I am rapidly approaching a point where we need a sponsor (or a couple of them) to keep the show going. The radio show is a good thing (everyone who has listened to it says they like it and the only complaint is that it is too short (better to be too short than too long). We are reaching an audience worldwide (according to the numbers on the site, people in Australia, and the UK are tuning in).

Now that the book (issue one at least) has been released, if the sales are good from that, I can use that money to keep the show going. So Buy my book, if you want to sponsor us, let me know, Promote your stuff. If you like what you see, support us.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tonight's show

Tonight (August 7, 2008 ) LIVE(by popular demand) on "The Comic Book Novice" radio program Join me, Mark Torres, our very own Movie Mike and Terminal Press' Brian Ferrera as we discuss the mega movie Dark Knight.

This will be a free flowing conversation so spoilers may be mentioned (but really who hasn't seen this movie?).

What are your thoughts? Give us a call (631) 888-8811.

Not in New York? Not a problem, we have live audio streaming online at

9pm Eastern Standard Time

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Now in our second consecutive year!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Buy my book!

Altho it says "preview issue" it really is the first issue of the comic. The only difference is that in the Graphic Novel the inside will be in color!

I know everybody and their dog has a comic and (I guess) each one is just as important as any other indy book. So why buy my book? I have been thinking about that question alot. I have read quite a few indy books. Some of them I have even bought. Some are good and some...not so good. I hope my book will turn out to be one of the good ones. I put my best into it and I am proud of it. I would be more proud of the Graphic novel, but I'll take this little victory.

Really haven't answered why you should by my book....

For one thing, it's finished. so the other issues will come out soon. It's $3.00 which is less than your standard fare of books these days. It's for all ages (well, pg-13 depending on how well you know your kid). but overall, the one thing I can say is that it's a fun read. So far the reviews I got were positive. I do plan to send out some issues for review. But since I am not the publisher, that is sort of up to Dark Elf Designs.

So it's my first book ever to see print, after 10 years and (basically) my entire life of waiting, I did it, so show some love and buy a copy. if you don't like it let me know, questions, comments tell me, and if you do like it spread the word!

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