Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still shuffling

In an earlier post I mentioned that the radio show would move to Mondays. Then I said the show would stay on Tuesdays....
Here is the official word. The show will move to Wednesdays at 9pm EST starting next week!
What happened was this....As you know there are 4 of us who do the show, Charlie, Hassan, Myself and Herman. As time went on, their schedulles changed. So it worked out like this: Herman was only available to do a show on Mon and Wed, Charlie is good to go on Tues and Wed, and Hassan is fine with Mon and Tues. So no matter what day I choose, I would lose someone. Then last week, Charlie hits me with a bomb, he can only do the show on Wed. So if i Kept the show on Tuesdays, I'd lose 2 hosts.
Wendesday here we come! Best part? We get to go on at 9pm! at least more people will be up on the east coast!

Website still set to re-launch at the end of the month!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ideas vs execution

A lot of people have ideas. The world moves because of them. Some ideas are stupid, some can change worlds. Some people have less than others. I feel I am an idea man. I can sit and think of things all day long. The problem is that there are certain things I know I can't do.

Circumstances, timing and a whole slew or reasons let gerat ideas fall on the curb and the very smae circumstances cause bad ideas to make it through. Go to a library, movie theatre, or just go to youtube. There is alot of crap out there. However, in all that crap, there are gems to find. I;m sure there is some kind of fomrula out there to give the ratio of good stuff to crap that gts made.

So I can put on a good show. I believe I can make a good (entertaining) comic. I believe I can network and make good connections, but there are people out there who make all the money yet say "all I want to do is tell a good story". 90% of those people make crap and people just eat that up.

now that my little rant is over, here are a few updates:

If all goes well, my site should be 100% up and running by the end of this month.

The radio show will stay where it is (Tuesday nights 11pm EST).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not Just Leno is moving!

With all this what to do with Leno going back to 11:30 and Conan going...well, who knows? We decided, (or really it was decided for us) that we will go back in time and do our Tuesday show on Mondays. It will be weird for us doing a show and broadcasting it one day earlier. At least we will be really ahead on our news segments!

Speaking of moving, if all goes well, my site will move to it's new webpage by the end of this month. My webmaster is working hard to make sure it is secure and "Mark-friendly". Which, as it turns out is no easy task! So keep following us (my blog will still be every Tuesday) and listen in to the show!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Power Rangers

As many of you know (or should by now) I am a HUGE Power Ranger fan. This past weekend while doing my daily timer recordings, I came across a listing on ABC that read "Might Morphin' Power Rangers: NEW". Now I know that MMPR was the name of the original series 16 (yeah that long) years ago. Since then there are new shows which (some more than others) are connected to the orignal series. The lastest, would be RPM.

So it stroke me as odd that Disney would call MMPR "new". Later that day, I found out that Disney took the old footage and...(for lack of a better word) tried to...um..."update" it.

Let me go on the record by saying they failed miserably and I really really dislike what they did to one of my favorite Tv shows. It's as if they took something (that let's face it wasn't shakespear) and crapped all over it to try to appease the yunger (ie: target) audience. I'll let the videos speak for themselves:

The original

2010 version