Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Big Showdown in the Big Apple

So...I did the Wizard/Big Apple con (well, "did" is the wrong word....attended is more up my alley). First, let me say that it felt (for the lack of a better term) weird. I have had tables at both the Wizard and Big Apple cons, and even at times when I didnt have a table (such as this time) I have attented them. So, it felt like 2 different cons, the "A" (Wizard) con complete with the big celebs, video game companies and big comic guys booths (and they also had a carpet!), and the "B" (Big Apple) con with the usual gang of dealers and artists (but I still love them!).

I sooo wanted to take a photo of myself with the Batmobile, but they were charging $10 bucks (At the Philly con, Knight Rider was free)! I got to see Kelly Hu but was dissapointed (not as hot as I had hoped!). However, Miracle Laurie was a pleasant surprise, very nice, friendly (really tall!) and very attractive!

But the big talk was what was mentioned in our (I believe) 3rd episode of It came from the radio. during that show, we talked about Wizard and the NYCC having their respective cons during the same month next year. At the time it was heavily rumored that was the case, but it took an even more serious turn when Wizard decided to have their con on THE EXACT SAME WEEKEND!!!!

Yep, the 2 out of the 3 biggest comic book convetnion companites are going head to head during October of 2010. If fairness, I am friends with Lance Fensterman (head of the NYCC) and I have dealings in the past with Wizard, but the NYCC had secured the date well before the Wizard guys stepped in and from the talk on the show floor, it seems that the NYCC has already won.

As a person who runs a company I know that you don't go into a venture thinking that you are going to lose, if that is the case, why do it? So (purley speculating here) I believe that Wizard has a big surprise up their sleeves which they will reveal just before (but long enough to get the attendance from the NYCC) the con. I think maybe the entire cast of Star Trek, or maybe Iron Man2 (but since Marvel has a booth at the NYCC, I highly doubt the second one).

So we got one year to go...This will only get better!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Apple Con

Yep, I will be there all three days. Brian (and hopefully Herman) will be there also. Stop by the Terminal Press Booth and say "HI". I'll be walking around, but Brian will be there. Sadly, the new CD won't be ready......

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Phase one

So the 6 weeks is over. I think we got a good dynamic going. While I had hoped to be picked up for more than 6 weeks, I got enough to make a sample CD to give to people. Funny how out of 6 shows, only 3 are available online, only 3 had all four of us in the studio, and (IMHO) 3 were really good. Hopefully I will get the CD done before the Big Apple Con