Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catching up

OK, from the looks of things, EVERYTHING should from the website will be up in time for the NYCC. I just spoke to my good buddy Lance Fensterman (who was a guest on the show and just happens to be the head of the NYCC) and I can get my press pass. The third webmaster turned out to be all talk and no action so I have to go back to my second webmaster. He had gotten backed up because of a campaign that he was running, but now that that is over, he has s'more free time.

If I get really lucky, I might be able to give away one pair of free passes to the NYCC if everything is updated in time.

Also, (for those of you who bought my comic and want to see the rest) I will be getting on top of my publisher so that all the issues and the trade will be out next year.

Wish me luck!

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