Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jennifer's Body, a review

Just coming back from the station, I really didn't get to discuss what I thought about Jennifer's Body. Because everyone on the show didn't see the movie we really didn't have a free flowing conversation. Yet somehow, I managed to throw out a spoiler without the warning. [edit: after listening to the show again, It wasn't me, but Hassan that spolied it (or at least baited me into spoiling the movie)]

"This is a free flowing discussion and spoilers may be mentioned".

I won't try to go over what I said on the show, but I will say what I liked and didn't like about the movie. Megan fox definitely a like. The movie was all about her. If you don't like her, you will not like this movie. However, she is the bad guy in the movie. So our heroine played by Amanda Seyfried from Veronica Mars. She too did a fine job, believable, and sexy in her own way. Also, the movie was funny. It had some great one-liners and an overall general funny vibe.

On the dislike side, I thought they should have had the (I believe) deleted scene where Megan Fox was topless. As for story, I felt it was slightly lacking, yet, upon multiple watchings, I noticed that I missed a few things that I had questions on, such as the two leads "special connection" or why did it seem that Jennifer lost her powers when the "BFF" necklace was torn. Turns out that I was too busy distracted by Megan Fox's hot body.

So overall, a good fun sexy movie.


Alan Vinart said...

i bet Megan Fox's popularity will shrivel down to almost nothing within the next few months; i think people are starting to realize that she has almost zero acting skill

The Comic Book Novice said...

There are far more less talented people still out there who very popular.

However, A job of an actor/actress is to make you believe the part that they are cast in. I believed that she was a cheerleader who got turned into a succubus!