Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When a stranger calls....

As most of you know (or should know) I host a live radio show. On it, we take calls. "Really!?", you may ask. Well, we have the ability to take calls, but rarely do. Yes, the calls to the show are limited, but I find that as a call-in show, we really don't need the calls. I think we do just fine on our own. The calls, for the most part, mess up with the flow of the show. As it stands right now, we do (roughly) 30 minutes of news, and then 30 minutes of the topic of the week. Any calls we have takes away from that. Maybe if it was just two of us (altho one of the best shows IMHO was just Hassan and I) then we might need "outside input".

Of course the fact that 90% of our listeners either hear the show live on tape (podcast, or archived), or just dont have anything to add, so I don't wory about the amount of calls. I do, however enjoy reading the comments or questions about the show afterwards.

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