Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What has been going on

It has been a long time since I made a post beyond the archives of the "It Came From The Radio" and alot has happened.

First the Good, The radio show is doing quite well, We all have new business cards made and they look pretty awesome.

I just got my first ever trading card of my character "Sunburst" who is appearing in someone else's comic, "The War of the Independents", Also looks awesome.

And I got my pages back from being held hostage, so it now gives me the opportunity to find a new publisher and get this graphic novel finally done!

The Bad, I have dealt with N.E.B.S. (a printing company) that screwed me over with the shirts that I had made for the NYCC a few weeks ago. Not only did they miss the deadline, they still charged me for shirts that I cancelled a month ago! (everything was resolved finally tho).

As mentioned I finally got my pages back, but there were being held hostage at "Dark Elf Designs" for over 3 years! Talk about not honoring a gentleman's deal. They made promises to me and screwed me over with that! I gotta really look into who I deal with professionally more closely in the future...

and the rest: I just saw Pee Wee Herman on Broadway, it was awesome! I can't think of anyway that show could be any better. it combined everything Pee Wee (from the TV show, to the original stage show, to the movies). So the secret word was "nostalgia"!!!

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