Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So.....my little convention season is over. 2 cons in as many weeks was very tiring. I have no idea how the dealers do it! This past Big Apple con was interesting in contrast to the Philly con. They both had good points and bad. Belkis did a pretty good job, but I didn't get to see her selling skills which is keeping me from sending her to Chicago for the next big con. Pete however is going so I'm gonna send some stuff with him.
We finally got an intern to help with the video editing! hooray! now (maybe) we can start catching up and have all the interviews online in..hmmm 2 months? We did a whole lot of them at the NY comicon.
Oh, and we got about 70+ hits since before the Philly con so the word is spreading! Maybe this will lead to people responding to my blogs! One can only hope!

10/21/08 update: Belkis always said that she could sell stuff, which makes me wonder how well her calendar sold. The intern for the video stuff didn't work out (yet another pay for play reference). Pete went by himself to the Chicago con and I think that might not have been the best idea. He left my banner and tablecloth at the con! In hindsight, I think he should have just walked around not be stuck at the table.

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