Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Forces II

This past weekend (besides being my birthday, well, not both days, but you get the picture) we went to The Kohler Kon3, a little collectibles show in Long Island City, New York. I had originally planned to do a live video show there but circumstances made me downsize the idea to just a special episode (live on tape) of "The Comic Book Novice".

I forgot to mention that we were actually invited guests. Mark Mazz (of CAG fame, and he did a show with us) asked us to come and host a panel.

So anyway, we were the... event (I guess you could say). Friday, I get a call from my webmaster (who also happens to be my computer guy/camera man etc...) and he tells me that his computer died and we may have trouble doing the show at the con. But he still had his back up computer and would download all the programs so we can still do the show and panel.

Sunday comes along (the convention is from 10-5pm) and I have to get up extra early to pick up hassan and I needed extra time to stop by my mechanics to fix a broken headlight. So I'm running a bit late (about 20-30 minutes behind schedule, but we werent to start the panel until 11am) and I get a call. It's Pete. Turns out that (althought it was a little after 10) he hadn't even left his place yet! Now to put things in perspective, Pete has to take a ferry and a train to get to the con (estimated 2 hour trip), and he was still home! Then it turns out that the (train) directions (as told to me by not only my webmaster, but every one else who came by train) were really off. so if you were going to come by train, you had a good 20 minute walk ahead of you (and that's factoring in that you know where you are going!). Then (yes there is more) the turn out is very light, (most likely because of hard to find nature of the place). Now despite all that, Belkis, Hassan, myself and my webmaster manage to get there and set up at a decent time.

Here is where the "forces" come into play (as if they weren't already making things difficult). The back up computer started to act up and it was impossible to do any audio recording at all! Because of the light turn out as well as the fact that we couldnt record anything, Mark Mazz decided to cancel the panel. So to recap: We, the invited guests (one of which was super late) and "special event" didn't do a damn thing. Good thing this was just a dry run fr the Big Apple Con in November.

At least I got to see Belkis on another day besides Thursday (she's such a sweetie)....

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