Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Story so far. .

So, I was thinking. There is 8 months left before the SDCC (That's the San Diego Comic-con to you who don't know) and that means that I have less than 8 months to get my book out, go to The two biggest comic book conventions, and figure out a way to turn this company into everything I know it can be.

To that extent, I'm looking for someone to sit in for Pete during his hiatus on the radio show, I placed a full page ad in Wizard magazine (due out in November), I even got a new webmaster to keep the site updated (and beyond, he has his own ideas to bring traffic to the site). Also, I'm putting the pressure to make sure I have all my pages ready to go for my book (better to have it sooner than later I say).

There are a few more minor things I am doing, and I hope to have them ready for the next Big Apple con.

rememebr, it only takes 9 months to have a child....not much time at all......

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