Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just made it!

With all the things going on in my life I forgot today was Tuesday. I know how all of you out there are eagerly awaiting my random thoughts and insights. But hey as long as i get it in before midnight it counts!

So try this one on for size......

Person "A" goes into the future. For this purpose, he goes one hour into the future. The rules state that for the time that he is gone, he didn't exist in that time. Now let's say that when he arrives one hour into the future, he sees himself. The rules state that this means that he must have travelled through time again and arrived after he left but before he arrived within that hour span. So Person "A" figures that he has to travel back in time so he can meet up with his future self (person "B"). He does and waits till he meets himself from the future. Makes sense right?

Here's the kicker...let's say person "A" decides to take person "B" with him and he decided to leave him back in the past and travels back into the future and arrives after he had lef with person "B". The question that is bothering me is how can person "B" exist and not exist at the same time?

See person "B" is there in the future because person "A" left him there in the past. However, person "B" has to age, bceause his life is a continuous loop for that one hour. So if person "B" ages, he as to be all ages at the same time when person "A" gets him....

I just love time travel.

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