Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Todd and the basket of apples

There was this guy who wanted to eat some apples. He got a basket, filled it with apples sat himself under a tree in the park and started to eat them. Based on the size of the basket that he had, he got others (friends, family, even people he met passing by) to help him eat the apples.
As time went by, those other people (for many reasons such as they getting tired of eating apples, them being unable to continue eating apples, moving away, etc.) stopped eating apples with him. Yet others came along and ate apples with him.
some people ate alot of apples, some just had a few. Some even came along and decided to juggle bananas.
The guy thought that was odd. He asked those banana jugglers, "Why are you juggling bananas?"
"We wanted to help you eat the apples" they said.
"You can juggle bananas, but that is not helping me these eat apples." he replied
"Sure it is." they said.
"Well, if you want to sit with me and eat apples you are welcome to do that, but if you want to juggle bananas, please do it somewhere else." he told them.
"We are trying to help you but you are not letting us." they said.
"If you are not eating apples you are not helping. I just want to eat apples." He said.
"So you are saying that you prefer to just eat apples without us as opposed to let us juggle bananas with you?" they asked puzzled.
"Well, you don't want to eat apples, and I don't need banana jugglers....However if you decide to eat apples, then I'll be over there eating apples." he told them as he sadly walked back to his basket.

The guy's name?

It's not Todd!

When I started doing the radio show way back when I had Hassan Godwin, Jennifer Smith, and Todd Wright. Todd Wright had the right mix of old school comic book knowledge and passion for the craft. He was the first to leave the show. Circumstances just prevented him from making the long trek to the radio station each week. If he contacted me today and said "I can make it to the station." I'd put him back on the show in a heartbeat. But he never did.

The show must go on. So now it will be Myself and Terminal Press' Brain Ferrera as the show hosts. Hopefully I can find another female to take Jennifer's spot of the "novice" role.

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