Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Two two go (and then one more!)

As I type this I am just a few days away from two back to back cons. These two cons are different for me because I will actually have a table there. It really is a different thing to do a big con with and without a table. I find that you lose freedom, the stress level is about the same tho. I am still dealing with my friend in the hospital, so I am way behind schedule (as you can tell by this one day late big). Right now I am washing my "uniform", making my checklist, and burning CD's to sell (still have to cut and label them...). I am a little worried because these cons are going to be a preview for the BIG show of the SDCC. I had planned to have a preview of my book, but it's still being worked on and will be ready for SDCC. So this weekend..Wizard Philly. Next weekend, Big Apple. Wish me luck!

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