Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Before they were stars

While I was thinking about what to talk about this week, a little story came to mind from the Wizard Philly con. On Sunday I had a chance to walk around just a little bit and while talking to the Hero Envy guys (they were a guest on our show) I saw a HUGE line to see Katee Sackhoff. To the left of that was another huge line (unconfirmed) that was the second part of the initial line to see Katee. So basically, it was the line to wait on the line...

From where I was standing I could actually see Katee and how different she looked. She looked like "a star". She was surrounded by cameras, Wizard staff & "security". and tons of adoring fans.

Seeing her there reminded me of when I first met her. It was at an I-con (www.iconsf.org) just a few years back. The pilot of Battlestar Galactica had just aired a few weeks prior and she was scheduled to appear at a panel with (if I remember correctly) Dirk Benedict. You know as a "Two Starbucks" panel (although it could have been Richard Hatch). Anyway, Dirk (or Richard) didn't show and it was Katee all by herself. I hadn't seen the pilot but I had nothing better to do, so I stayed for the panel. There was about 20-30 people there (maybe).

She was very very nervous and she said that it was her very first convention. She was nice enough but she really didn't have much to say. I mean it was only a 2 hour pilot and she wasn't even sure that it was going to be picked up for a series. I'll never forget something that she said..."I also was in the latest Halloween (Resurrection) movie.".

Now I am a big Halloween fan and I still have no idea who she was in that movie....

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