Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Past Two weeks

I'm a little under the weather, so my thoughts might be all over the place.

So I did the Philly con, then the TV interview, then the Big Apple con. Boy am I beat. What didn't help was that right after the TV show, I got a pre-cold. So I was sick during last week's show and the Big Apple con this weekend. If not for circumstances I would have not shown. But I did and I'm glad I did. Despite all the chaos involved with a con, I get to meet my fans and comic book comrades. Also I get to meet some of my comic book heroes and (possibly) a celeb or two. So while both cons were a little on the slow side, I still had a good time.

The TV show...not so much. For some reason I got really nervous. I was fine before and afterwards, but during the taping...I hope it didn't show too much. Here's a little funny fact about the tv show (it went by so fast! I don't know why I would think that I would be longer than the radio show, but I did. I had so much to say and show but it kinda went by fast! And since I was sweating bullets, it didn't help much!

Now I get two days of rest and hopefully I will be all better for the show on Thursday.

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