Tuesday, December 2, 2008

what is on my mind

"Don't rest on your Laurels", most entertainers say. "Keep it fresh", I have also heard. So how can I do those things when I need sponsors to bring back the radio show? I am still looking into the podcast and (as long as the website is fully updated by then) I plan to try to get some funds at the NYCC.

I never have been a salesman (which isnt that good of a thing when selling myself is important to get some sponsor $$) but I have to really up my game if I want to continue on my little adventure. I set out to get my book published, and it is out. I set out to go to the SDCC, and I went. So now I have to be as equally set to get some bocu bucks in order to bring the show back and keep the momentum going. Any thoughts/suggestions?

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