Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You shall be Punished!

Only if you don't go and see the new Punisher movie. I liked it. I really liked it. That says alot seeing as how I was going into the movie expecting not to like it. Thomas Jane (who was born to play The Punisher was quoted as saying that he was "waiting for a good script" to make the sequel) which tells me that this movie didn't have a good script. So this movie had to work twice as hard to win me over. It did.

Now yes the story was pretty basic. Punisher kills some guys, he makes a mistake and then kills more guys to make up for that mistake. They throw in Julie Benz just so they can have a woman (IE: Heart) in the movie.

Even tho I loved it, most people passed on it. One of the 50 worst openings of all time (well, since they kept track of this sort of thing).

The two main problems I had for this movie is 1) the Actor was just not suited for the role. Even tho he only did one out of the three movies, Thomas Jane will always be Frank Castle to me (much like Linda Carter and Christopher Reeve.) and 2) it had a '90's feel. So much so that The Punisher could just walk up and down New York City in full Punisher Gear and no one would bat an eye. It's something that would fit right in a movie made 10+ years ago, but not here.

So overall, if you like humor, violence and a 90's feel, you'll like this movie. I give it an 8.

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