Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Even 3 pairs of boobs couldn't save.....

Yes, I said it. Despite the fact that there was a generous amount of nudity, blood, and gore, the "re-imagined" version of Friday The 13th was a (pardon the pun) a horrible movie.

As with all my movie reviews, Spoilers may be mentioned.....

First of all, This new movie is actually re-telling the first 4 Friday the 13th movies. Starting with the mom killing the camp counselors (part 1) to Jason with a bag over his head killing people (part 2) to the Hockey mask (part 3-D), to finally killing Jason (part 4). For those of you that don't know, part 5 had a fake Jason, part 6 made him a zombie, part 7 had him fight a psychic, part 8 had him in Manhattan, part 9 took him to hell, he fought Freddy in Freddy Vs Jason, and (even tho this was released prior) went into space.

They took the original timestamp from the release of the original movie (1980) and using "real time" Jason is now up and about in 2009 as an adult killer. That leads me to my first problem. It's 2009 people. Why are the people in the movie as stupid (or stupider) than they were 20 years ago? The only "real" indication that they are in present day is the Technology the victims are using (G.P.S., cell phones, etc).

Through out the movie I kept on wondering a few things:

1) Why were people doing what they were doing.
2) Why are the people living there still alive (since there really is no motivation for Jason killing people except that they are near the camp)
3) Why was this movie even being made.

Unlike the new Halloween which enhanced the original film, this one, just rehashed what was already done. There was nothing special, nothing different, nothing...just nothing to say about this movie except that it was a huge waste of time.

When I was in the SDCC, I actually sat in on the Friday the 13th panel where the cast and writer/director was present. Even at that time, I wasn't feeling it despite the good intentions I felt the panel had.

One quick note, (for those of you who actually saw this movie) when they finally killed Jason at the end of the movie, I was left wondering why he wasn't fully destroyed as opposed to just his brain being chopped up. And why would they dump him into the lake (which led to the oh-so-obvious ending)?

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