Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Power Rangers vs Buffy

OK, ok. Everyone (well, not everyone) has been talking about the new Joss Whedon show Dollhouse starring executive producer Eliza Dushku (Faith From Buffy (as if I had to tell you!)). I had to give it a second showing before I could make my decision.

First let me say that I know all about the Joss vs FOX feud (for those of you that don't know, Fox has been all over this show making Joss re-write and re-shoot the pilot to make it more of a "stand alone series with a looming story arc" (such as
The X-Files or more recently Fringe) as opposed to an on-going full on story arc (such as 24 or Lost). Also, I have to say that (as most of you know (or should know by now) I am a HUGE fan of Power Rangers.

As mentioned in a previous post, the original Pink Power Ranger is starring in a new CBS show called Flashpoint. Dollhouse happens to air opposite said show. That said, Dollhouse has to be pretty good to tear me away from watching Kimmy. It really isn't. After two episodes, I still have no reason to watch this show other than Eliza herself (and I have watched shows just because of a certain actor,/actress is in it). I really don't care for the characters or even the story behind this dollhouse. I am left to wonder if the original pilot was any better and would have hooked me. So far each week we learn alittle more about the cast and we see Eliza stretch her acting chops as she "becomes" a completely different person with the knowledge and the skills needed for the particular episode. It was brought up in another blogger's entry about the show, but why go to the Dollhouse in the first place? If you have that much money and need a negotiator/date/target practice, why not just pay for one? They gotta be cheaper than the dolls in the show.

If has been said that after 6 episodes, the show will shift in a new direction. I can give it till then. If it will make it that long is another story....

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