Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek: The Movie Review

OK, what does Felicity, Lost, and the new Star Trek movie have in common? Answer: right after my obligitory notice.....

This is a free flowing conversation so spoilers may (and most likley will) be mentioned.

Time Travel. Yep the last few episodes of Felicity had (a sort of) time travel. Turns out that the only way to stay faithful to the Trekkies, and to update/reboot the Trek franchise was to have a story that includes time travel and alternate universes (Back to the Future 2 anyone?)

Basically, Spock (one of three, (well four if you count Generations) original series characters who were featured in Star Trek:TNG) accidently travels back in time (along with our main villian for the movie, Nero, a Romulan) and inadvertenatly creates an alternate universe (just by being there).

The alternate universe created gives Director J.J. Abrams the ability to have new stories of the original cast while not messing up with anything that has come before. There are no tweakings or things "left out" (unlike any other movie based on a product that spans a couple of decades such as, say a comic book movie). And as a bonus, the movie was pretty good. I'll go as far as to say it was AWESOME!

I consider myself a "moderate" trek fan, having watched all of TNG (excluding Nemisis), and most of Voyager, Deep Space Nine, and Enterprise. So I can say that as a fan, I was blown away. The effects, the story, and the cast were top notch and it all made sense (a big point for me).

Just a few quick notes, Did anyone get the "Slusho" mention? Howsabout Wynonna Ryder cameo? or possibly all the movie dialogs lifted from the other Trek films?

Also, this past week, I saw Next Day Air. I just wanted to mention that the female lead is smoking hot!!!!

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