Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wolverine movie review

Wolverine is out (made $87 Mil), which means that it is summer movie season (yay?)!
I got to see a special screening of wolv...err "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and here are my thoughts....

As usual, this is a free flowing conversation, so spoilers may be mentioned.

Let me say first off, I have never been a "fan" of the X-Men. I'm even less of a Wolverine fan. However, I have seen (and enjoyed to varying levels) the three X-Men movies.

So with that bit of info, I have to say that I did not enjoy this movie that much. It was nice to see how they decided to prequel Wolverine's story tho. As a non-Wolverine fan, I have an idea on the comic's version of his history, but (to me) it's like watching a cartoon of a comic to see how close they get to the "real thing".

The movie had alot of X-Men cameos, most importantly (to me) was Cyclops (how did more in this movie than he did in the other three!). I also was surprised that Patrick Stewart actually showed up (the scene was leading me to believe that it was just going to be a voice over with a back of some other bald guys head on camera). Gambit finally shows up and had an important role (sort of).

As I have mentioned many many times before, I like things to make sense and because of this reason I couldn't fully enjoy the movie. Gambit's role was really unnecessary. Not only does he stop a fight between Wolvie and Sabertooth (who was in the first movie) to turn around and help Wolvie go and get Sabertooth, but then leaves only to come back to "save" them from Deadpool at the end of the movie. Speaking of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds did a good job playing the character and out of all of them, he was the one that (I felt) was closest to what I have read of him in the comics.

The two things that bother me the most is that (in the movie) they said that if Wolvie was shot in the head (with adamantium bullets, the indestructible metal which Wolvie's bones are coated with)) it would make him lose his memory! First, the bullets would not penetrate his skull, and secondly how would they know it would affect his memory?

Overall, I'd say it was worth a look if you wanted a quick "insight" on Wolvie. If you have already seen the movie (either online or in the theaters), you probably have only seen one of the two different endings. It's a little bit after all the credits (about 2 minutes long) where 1) Wolvie is at a bar which leads you to believe that he is in Japan for the sequel (fighting ninjas) or 2) they show you how tough Deadpool is.

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