Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Midnight at Midtown

There was a special event at Midtown Comics (in Manhattan) last night at midnight. It seems that Stephen King's Novels "Dark Tower" was turned into a comic book with Peter David as the writing and Jae Lee as the artist. To Celebrate this event, comic book stores all over the country were invited to open their doors at midnight and sell the books. Midtown Comics (not to be undone) had the creative team do a book signing during that time.

So I went.

I was to meet Peter Palmiotti there, and since he knew the management there as well as Jae and the other Peter, I was to do some networking.

When I got there, I was very surprised. There were certain things I had expected (good parking, cold as hell, and maybe another Marvel guy or two) and they were there. Other things (lack of people for an event this sized event, "rival" media shows, and free food (donuts and coffee) for "special guests" and employees) I had not expected. I now realize that while the other guys didn't have a radio station backing them, they were able to get an interview with Peter David and Jae Lee while I was just standing there waiting for Peter Palmiotti.

I dropped off fliers, and passed along our sponsorship package to the management, But didn't snag an interview for the show. Since I'm booked anyway 'till mid-April, I can wait for the Javits Convention when Peter will ask them to be a guest. Since Peter David was a guest on the old show, I don't see why it would be a problem to get him again.

10/21/08 update: Funny, I never did get to interview Peter David again, timing just didn't work out.

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The Comic Book Novice said...

after Reading Peter David's blog and confirming it with Peter Palmiotti, it seems there was a huge crowd at the beginning, but when I got there (I actually entered the store at 12:25) it was a light crowd.