Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So much time so little space

Well, this past week was interesting. actually most of the interesting stuff happened during the New York Comic con this past weekend. I'm still recovering from it. I have to say that I don't remembering being so.......busy (I guess for lack of a better term). And it's just not the con, it was the before and after stuff also. I mean right now in the "prime hours" after the con, my site is (almost) bare. Not a good thing when all the contacts I made *should* be checking out the site to (either) decided to support us (financially) or just to see what we are all about. My webmaster (who now wants to be called something else, which the name escapes me at the moment) has taken down the site for maintenance and transference to another web location. Also, I had a little mishap with my "day job" which I'm going to have to take care of on Friday. As for the con itself. I met a whole slew of people. re-established some contacts and promoted the hell out of my radio show. My (formerly known as) webmaster decided to have us do some roving interviews for the con. Which was a good idea seeing as how it helps promote the radio show. I split the interviews between myself and Peter Palmiotti so that things would be easier for the both of us. Pete knows some "big" names in the industry and I had him interview those guys. It's funny really, because Jennifer (my woman on the street) was supposed to do these interviews. She couldn't attend the con and ironically enough, she will be leaving the show soon. I plan to phase her out, (because of her attending school and moving away from the city) but that's another blog.....
So, getting back on track I saw Stan Lee, signed my first posters (8 if them to be exact), saw Stephen King, used the power of the Press Pass, took many pictures of hot chicks and cool dudes in costumes, got screwed out of seeing Paul Rubens and Stephen Colbert, and missed out on seeing some of the major headlines to the con.
Oh, lastly I want to mention, that I lost a comrade (of sorts) on the radio station. He hosted a sports show and his show ended last week. I'm trying to think of how a collaboration can help both of us, but right now I'm drawing a blank.

10/21/08 update: Sports and comics really don't mix. So nothing came out of that. The '09 NYCC is looking to be a BIG thing. I am wondering if I'm going to be a part of that.

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