Tuesday, August 21, 2007


You know, being involved in the comic book-fantasy world tends to help with one's imagination. And anyone who knows me knows that I already have a vivid imagination. So when i start talking about "forces" (not "The Force") you'll know where all this is coming from.

It seems that (to me anyways) every time something that comes along to help me (or my company) out, the forces seem to do something to help negate that fact. For example, every show after a convention (which should yield our biggest "new" audience) something goes wrong. Usually, we lose the online feed. Two weeks ago, we had trouble with the phones when we were trying to give away free tickets to the Wizard Chicago con (another "big" event.).

But last weekend was a major blow.

I have mentioned (quite a few times) about "The Comic Book Novice" TV show. This past Saturday was set aside to shoot the panel portion of the show. Now Pete (who just came back from the Chicago con) had forgotten to bring back our banner (which was going to be used as a backdrop for this segment) so I had to postpone that until I got a new banner (seems there is no recovery for forgotten banners at a con). Since I had already took the day (well night) off from work, I decided to do the hypnosis segment with Belkis instead.

She over slept. Her Apt had no hot water. She went the wrong way to meet me. By the time she was back on track, it was too late to come to do the shoot. A wasted day.....

It wouldn't be so bad, but the place i have set aside for shooting will only be available till the end of the month (and not only that, the chances to get together to shoot anything will be reduced because I am now living really far away from her) and the only free day she has is set aside for the panel shoot.

Brian Ferrera (The New Gal Jess's husband), was set to do the animation segments, now he s getting swamped with work and is unable to do it.

So the show may (once again) be postponed.

Do not despair tho.. there are other forces at work to keep me going. How else would you explain that I have gotten this far?

10/21/08 update: ah yes, the "Forces". What can I say about them? I ran into a person who claimed to be psychic. We talked and she told me "just because you don't believe in soething doesnt mean it does not exist.". I told her about my theory regarding the forces, she was skeptical, and I told her the same thing. She said "true enough".

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