Monday, August 27, 2007

The King and I

So I was on the train today and decided instead of listening to my ipod I would read a comic book. I took the liberty of reading THE KING by Thomas Hall whom we will be interviewing this Thursday on the show. I had the pleasure of speaking with him at the New York Comic Con this past July. Therefore, I'm very eager to chat with him again. It definitely was a pleasure to read something on the subway besides a novel or the newspaper like any other New Yorker. I liked the way children looked at the comic book with that stare that read, "I want to read that to." I also attracted the attention of the male species. I guess they aren't use to girls reading comic books on the trains. Must have been an odd sight for them. This reminded me of the time when two cops stopped me at a magazine shop because I was buying wrestling magazines! Yes, wrestling magazines. At one point, I took out my license and people were wondering what I did wrong. The funny thing was that the cops only stopped me because they thought it was attractive to see a girl buying a "guy" thing. I have to do the guy thing more often. So I think THE KING and I should have trips on the subway more often.

Your Public Eye

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