Tuesday, September 25, 2007

it's all about money

So, i just returned from staples copy center. I had planned to stop by Wizard after that but it seems that this staples (which is in "Dumpwater, Floridia") doesn't work like those in the great city that is New York. See, I needed some copies made and a hi-res image of a full page ad that will be appearing in the December issue of samesaid magazine (which, I have found out will not be out in December). Anyway, it won't be ready till tomorrow (which is a good thing that I went today...). But that is not what this blog os about.....

What it is about is the fact that I am able to get an ad in Wizard in the first place. Now yes, normally I wouldn't be able to afford it, but my connections have made that possible. However the (once again) samesaid connections have been giving me financial troubles. So they save me money in some instances and in others, they cost me. At the end of the day, all hat matters is that the bills get paid and you have enough (or have the ability to generate) enough money to pay the bills tomorrow. When I incorporated, I budgeted myself for two (well, one at first, but then I recrunched the numbers and now we are at two) years. I'm at the end of the first year and (as i mentioned, do to the new finincial constraints) i think i will still be able to (barley) squeek out another year. This ad is one of tose chances that I jhave to take in order to keep this going beyond the next year. The book is coming out, we are going to the San Diego convention, but after that. who knows?

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