Tuesday, September 11, 2007


When I first decided to do a blog, I had two rules. Update it on a weekly basis on the same day(s) and don't get into religion and/or politics.

Today I am breaking that rule (sort of). I mean isn't the saying "rules are made to be broken."?

Anyway, seeing as how this is Sept 11, and a Tuesday, I feel that talking about anything else in this blog would be wrong somehow.

Everyone has a "this is what I was doing..." story, and here is mine...

I was living in my old house at the time and working at "Big Choice" video. I woke up late morning and went downstairs to turn on the TV. It was static. I had cable, but it was only hooked up to the TV in the basement, so I figured that my antenna had fallen down from the roof (which had happened a few years prior). So I went to the basement and turned on that TV (before going outside to see if the antenna had fallen off).

And there it was.

I don't need to get into specifics, but needless to say (so why say it?) I was shocked.

I didn't lose any one during that time, and (while I lived near the city) I really never went there, so I wasn't affected personally. So to me, it was like everyone else finally knew what I was going through (I had lost my mother 2 years ago). That I can empathize with.

So here we are X years later and what really has changed? For me I drive into Manhattan more frequently now and can say that there are more cops around. But it still "feels" the same. Turn on the news and it's all the same as it was before, 'cept now there is a war going on (and it's not like we haven't had wars before). I bet if we look X more years into the future, it will be the same, just slightly more askewed.

Will the terrorists strike again? Probably, but I doubt it will be on such a grand scale any time soon.
Will we win the war on terror? No. You can't win a war based on a concept.
Will life go on? Yes, what other choice do we have?

on a lighter note (cause I find it difficult not to find humor in life) whenever asked how this day had affected me, I used to (and sometimes still do) say that Terrorists took away my TV.

10/21/08 update: Things are still "the same". There is still a big hole at ground zero. People are still worried that we will get atacked again. Life is still going on.

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