Tuesday, September 4, 2007

You get what you pay for

You know the saying. When I first started out on this adventure (it's an adventure to me!) it was just me. Then I got a business partner. Although we have since parted ways, that time together was very helpful and educational. Soon thereafter I was back on my own. I started the radio show and kept on pressing forward on my comic. With the radio show, I got 3 other people to work with. The comic, I recruited 2 others.

now (of course) not being made of money, I have to take whatever I can find. Not that they are bad people, or not as dedicated, but they have their own lives, their own (paying) jobs. So while they do help, I just don't get the same type of results as I would get if I actually pay them (and understandably so).

So here I am (roughly) 12 years later. I have the comic fully penciled, the radio show is up and running, I have a webmaster, and I continue to meet people willing to give their free time to help better my company.

where does that leave me now? I have a (much) larger force working with me, I'm still not paying them (well, not much anyways). Yet because of the time I put into this, the people I meet (who seem to be investing as much or even more time and effort into their own things) are willing and more able to give me what I need to succeed and that kind of help, money can't buy.

08/21/07 update: ah, another pay for play post. I think it was here when the differences really started to show through. I was putting in more and felt that I still wasn't getting to the places I wanted to be as fast as I probabaly would have if I was paying out a salary. But I know I wouldn't have gotten this far withoth them...

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