Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Vampire Cowboys

This past Saturday I went to a little place in brooklyn. It was a play. Well, more than than. I'd say it was a live performance. Actually 4 of them. The Vampire Cowboys as they call themselves, is a series of performances with a sci-fi fantasy element to it. Each month they show one part of each of the 4 on-going serials. Last week's show was part 4. Next month's will be part 5 (of 5). Once that is done (again according to the website) they will premiere new shows. So really these are one time performances.

So let me tell you a little about each show. I was about 10 minutes late for the first show, but it was still entertaining. It was a cast of 3 and it was set in the future in a college dorm. The leads were each trying to figure how they were going to have sex.

The second one was with a group of characters fighting demons in the south. One of which was a Blind amnesiac county singer and a girl who can only talk without speaking (another actress does her voice off stage)

The third show was about a desolate future out west where the hero refuses to carrry a gun and is searching for a valuable item which (of course everyone else is also)

And the last one was about an odd cast of characters involved in an alien invasion of moth women as they try to achieve immortality by reproducing.

It's good stuff.

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