Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year

Once again (not too unexpectedly) I have another special day fall on a Tuesday. New Years day. So I guess my thoughts about the past year and my resolutions for the year to come are in order.

last year was a major overhaul. I moved to a new place. I made a big push with my company, started the radio show back on again, did some cons and used the power of the press pass. Yet sad things happened also. I had a death in my life and have lost many other things.

This year I'm going for broke. Got my book on the way (get a move on Pete!). The website will be up to 100% (I have faith in you John and thanks for your help Jerron). We are going to San Diego, a New best of CD is on it's way (I'm waiting on you Brian)and we are full steam ahead on the Radio show.

As usual, my resolution is this: to make it to the next year!

There will be ups and downs but that is how life is. I wish all of you a happy new year and hope you achieve what you set out for in 2008.

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