Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An important day in history

Another special day (I see a theme here). The is Martin Luther Kings B-day. When I was in school, it really was just another time when I had to write a report that I didn't want to do. But now, as I am older I can appreciate how important the man (and his dream) are. Everyone should take a look back at the man and history for a little inspiration. So thank you Mrs. King for having him!

And....On January 14, 2007 I met up with Jeff Lo (station manager at WGBB). It was then that we re-started our business relationship by me signing up for a years worth of radio shows. This week's Thursday will be our 52ND show back from my hiatus (2003). It's interesting how much has changed, yet after a long break alot stayed the same. With regards to the radio station that is. But hey! Now even they have a new website design.

I was hoping that my new website would be launched around this time (to commemorate the anniversary) but it looks like it will be ready at the end of the month (and that's just as good).

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