Tuesday, February 26, 2008

On your marks....

We here are in pre-con season and it looks like things are going quite well. We are set to have tables at the Wizard Philly Con, the "Summer Sizzler" at the Big Apple Con, and the SDCC. I (along with the rest of the crew) will be making appearances at the NYCC, the I-Con (www.iconsf.org) and maybe one or two more places.

The Book will be ready for the SDCC and may even have a "preview issue" to be debuted at an earlier con. Although as of right now it looks like I may team with another company and do a 5 issue run and then do the 115 page graphic novel.

Our 2008 Edition of the Best of Cd is on hold till Hassan can get a day off of work so we can record it. But once that is done we are all go to have them ready for the cons also

We are to have our ad in a few places (never hurts to get the word out) such as in Sam Vera's (www.crazeecomics.com) Doodie trade, Free Lunch Comic's (www.freelunchcomics.com) Sky Pirates, Wizard magazine, and in the program guides to the I-Con, and the play "Fight Girl Battle World" from Vampire Cowboys (www.vampirecowboys.com)

And best of all we will have tons of stuff to give away on the radio show. Not only do I have Wizard convention tickets to hand out, we have 3 day passes to the NYCC, I-Con, a free pair of tickets to "Fight Girl Battle World", and I hope to be able to get a few passes to give away for the SDCC and Big Apple Con too.

so let people know!

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