Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Duper Tuesday

I may have mentioned this before, but during the course of the week, a lot of things come to mind to talk about, but when Tuesdays come along sometimes I draw a blank. But hey today is another day where I can just comment on the day. It's another one of those "special" days. We have the Giants parade and the media dubbed "Super Duper Tuesday" because of the elections. So I get two things to talk about.

First the Superbowl. Now I am not a "big time" football fan, I watch it occasionally (more when I was younger than I do now) but I know what's going on in the game. Now I was torn on who to root for. Peoople like the underdogs, but because of a past history with the 49'ers I didnt want them to win. However, I never had any love for the Patriots. Ever since '01 that team just didn't sit right with me. All that talk about dynasty. Then this year with all that 19-0 crap. Being undefeated aure makes one cocky. I hate cocky. So really (for me) this game was "a lesser of two evils". But even with all that, it was a good game. Close, could go anyway, last minute moves and plays. So in other words a good show. Go Giants!

Now for the election. Yes, this is just the primary but while no one else is gonna say it (we are just to "PC") but there is just no way the Democrats are going to win this one. I see it like this: what happened last election? Kerry had an early (big) lead. Word got out to the western states that he had a chance and might win. The "rest" of the nation was like "there is no way that is going to happen" and voted for Bush. I just don't think the "average" American is ready for a black man or a woman to be President. There I said it. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so.

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