Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tree falls

You know the old saying (or is it a question?).... If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to see it, does it make a sound? There are so many great things out there. and alot of people just don't know it exists. By the same degree, there is a whole lot of crap out there and it seems that alot of people know it's out there. I did a couple of great interviews. I did some pretty good CBN shows. I have tried (and failed) many times to get my own tv show.

They say you should write for yourself first and foremost. They also say know your target audinece. So I made a show that I enjoyed making. 99.9% feedback was positive. I wrote a book that I enjoyed reading. 80% positive (altho most have only read the preview issue).

So, I thought to myself, "let me see who has heard this tree fall.". Post on this thread, or e-mail me at mtorres@thecomicbooknovice.com and just say "Hey I read your book/listened to your show". Let me hear from you.

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