Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Different format/Different Versions

Now bear with me here. My thoughts are all over the place regarding this subject as I find that I usually am about 10-15 ewords ahead of myself so by the time I type "THIS" word, I'm already thinging about Linda Carter as Wonder Woman...

I was watching the New Spider-man cartoon the other day, and then while changing VHS tapes (Yes I still use thos things to watch my tv shows) I came across an episode of Fox's Spider-man Unlimited.

Seeing that made me think about a conversation I was having about Paul Dini and the various Batman carttons that have come out in the past 10+ years. I was telling him about the new Brave and Bold Batman cartoon that will be coming out soon.

Finally, I saw a commrecial for the new Hulk movie coming out on DVD.

All of these things mad me think that it would be a good subject to talk about on my little blog.

The comic books are the source material. That is where all the tv shows, movies, and yes even radio shows start out from. No Superman comic, no Christopher Reeves meeting Tom Welling. No Hulk comic, no Bill Bixby hitching a ride. But those things never happened in the comic.

In the comics, the Hulk has fallen from outer space to earth without a scratch on him, yet Lou Ferrigno falls (about) 800 feet and the Hulk died. What I am saying is that while all this stuff comes from the comics, some of it doesnt translate to a different format. Look at X-men. the movies ditched the spandex and it worked.

My question (if you still are with me after all that) is how far are we willing to go to accept the changes? At what point do we lose the "core" of the comic in lieu of the masses? I never read League of Extraoidary Gentleman, but I really liked the movie. Alot of fans of the comic HATED that movie.

I'll leave you with this disjointed thought...Just because it's popular, doesn't mean it's good.

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