Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A shot in the arm

This past Sunday after watching Saw v (which was awesome BTW), I went to a "meeting" of some comic book guys. One of these guys waas an old High School friend of mine who wanted to make his own comic. He along with a couple of his friends had a weekly gathering that I was invited to. I have to say that it felt good sitting there and talking about comics, my company and their gaols and aspirations.

Now I have to admit, since the radio show went on hiatus, and then the economy went crazy, I haven't been as motivated as I should be regarding future cons that I should attend, pushing my publisher to put out the other books (and then the trade). But just being there, I got a little taste of motivation. Maybe these guys have the heart (and free time) that I have been looking for. Even if it is just me lending my expierence to help these guys out, that helps me get going again. Only time will tell. I plan to go again next Sunday.

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