Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I was Dragged to Hell and this is what I thought

This past week, I saw the Sam Rami movie Drag me to Hell. Now alot of people are saying that this movie is Sam's (like I'm on a first name basis with him) "return to his horror roots". He only has directed a handful of movies and only 3 were "horror" movies (two of which were sequels). So I wouldn't say all that.

I will say that it was a pretty decent horror movie (as decent as a pg-13 horror movie can be). I didn't include The Ring only because that is an exception to the rule.

Before I go any further, this is a free flowing conversation and spoilers may (and most likely will) be mentioned.

Drag me to Hell is about a girl who gets cursed by a Gypsy and well... get's dragged to Hell. A simple plot really, but what made this movie enjoyable were the "low key" effects. Lots of shadows, loud noises, stuff that makes you use your imagination to try and spook you. The horor elements were mixed pretty well with humor and I actually cared for the main character as I watched her 3 day quest to rid herself of this curse. It was a small cast, so no role was wasted altho I have to say that I just could not see Justin Long (who is 31!) as a college professor. To me he is still just the kid from Galaxy Quest and the TV show Ed.

There were a few things that bothered me, but this movie gets a pass because it didn't take itself too seriously. And since this movie delivered on the title (even tho it tried to make you think otherwise) it can be forgiven for any slip-ups along the way. Of course the ending was telegraphed pretty well (for anyone who was paying attention) but it was still an enjoyable ride. I did expect to see Bruce Cambell b/c he and Rami are friends (so much so that he is in all 3 Spidey films) but that was not the case.

So while not "scary" it was a decent movie to see.

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