Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just to clear things up

OK, I went to the free (and final) Big Apple Con this past Saturday and I got "the scoop" on what is actually going on there. First and foremost, Mike Carbanaro (who we have interviewed a few times, and who has supported me for many years), former head of the con will still be running his own one day shows (much like this past week's) under a new name! Mike Carbo's showcase cons (or something like that, I don't have the official title yet). The locations will change from time to time, but it will be the same little con that could. The (former) "National" con (which was the Big Apple's 3 day event usually in November), is now taken over by Wizard and is the Wizard Big Apple Con. Mike Will still be running the con, but it will (most likely, cause with Mike you never know) be like a franchise as opposed to an actual "Wizard" con.

As for this past con, it was actually in the Hotel Pennsylvania (as opposed to right next to it) with two separate rooms. One for the dealers and one for the celebs (and artists). I did a once over, but mostly hanged out with Brian Kong while I was waiting to meet up with the head potential company who has expressed interest in re-branding our radio show (more on that later!). The thing that stuck out in my mind at the con was Tiffany Taylor she was sitting right across from Brian. I didn't know who she was but I did think she had a "natural beauty".

Speaking of hot chicks, I'll be "unofficially" at the Wizard Philly con this weekend. I really want to meet Cerina Vincent (she used to be a Power Ranger). The Bonus is that she is still smoking hot (or I hope so)!

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