Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

First let me say a few things: I hated the first Transformer live action movie (LOVED the original however). Second, I just found out a little bit of information from my friends over at Comicmix with that in mind, let us continue....

This is a free flowing conversation and spoilers (most likely) may be mentioned.

Yeah, this is what this movie really is about. What can I say about Megan Fox that hasn't been said? She was one (of two) reasons I went to see the sequel. But enough about the fluff. What did I think of the plot, story, the special effects? Well, I just can't say this enough. I like things to make sense. Even with guilty pleasures at least some of it needs to make sense. I enjoy stupid comedies, but they don't take themselves seriously. Transformers takes itself very seriously (during the serious parts of the movie). Since that is the case, then I usually do the same.

Before I go into all the problems this movie had, let me say a few (actually four) good things about it.

1) Frank Welker. I was so excited that he voiced Soundwave in the movie. As most of you may know, he was the original voice of Megatron AND Soundwave (to name a few) in the cartoon. Of course, (for some reason) he still wasn't good enough to reprise Megatron in this movie....

2) The fight where Prime dies. Even tho it was hard to tell what was going on and who was who, Seeing Prime kick some serious butt is always awesome.

3) Optimal Optimus. Even tho he really didn't look like it, when Prime was...upgraded it reminded me of the cartoon Beast Wars where Prime got a similar upgrade.

Lastly, 4) Dog/Robot humping....that's just really funny.

Now onto my questions/problems:

1) Why is it when Spike died and went to..Transformer Heaven he was told that one doesn't take the matrix, one must earn it. Only 5 minutes later does The Fallen come by and say "Thanks for the Matrix!" and TAKES IT!

2) There are two pieces of the All spark cube left: the military has one under lock and key, and Sam discovers another. How is it that a) it can be used to bring back Megatron (even tho it killed him in the first movie) and not bring back Prime? Why go all over the world when they had the answer with them the whole time?

3) How did Ravage get back into space? He was launched from Soundwave in space twice....

4) The robot had a gold tooth!

5) If they can make a terminatrix why do they even have giant robots? They can infiltrate and you know...kill humans much better than any Transformer.

6) Sooo, what exactly was The Fallen doing throughout the entire first movie (or even all the time while Megatron was frozen in ice)? just sitting around on the moon (or some other planet)?

7) If the Fallen could only be destroyed by a Prime, why didn't the originals just gang up on him back in the day?

8) Speaking of The Fallen and the Primes...Why not just destroy the Matirx?

9) How does one satellite receive transmissions from everywhere on the planet? And in the original movie aren't they susceptible to cold based weapons? Hey Micheal Bay, In space it's cold! (as he counts all the money he's made!)

There is so much more I can ask....but I'll end with

10) If the source of power is the sun, then why did they land on earth? If there was an energy source, wouldn't you build closest to the source (like say Mars or Mercury)?

I'd say don't watch it, but based on the numbers, you already have!


Keisha said...

on your problems with the movie:
1)The Fallen could take it because he helped create it and the primes knew he could just take it which is why they sacrificed themselves to protect it.
2) Megatron was killed in the first movie because he was overdosed with power from the entire cube, like a person can overdose on drugs. A little piece merely re-energized him, bringing him back. I was pissed about the second piece, the fact that they forgot about it the entire movie but then i realized if they hadnt forgotten they never would have had to find the matrix and there would not be much of a movie and then also, they would would not have an excuse for the third movie.

3-5) i cant comment on these cuz i missed that

6)he was strapped down he couldn't move unless all the primes were dead which is why as soon as optimus died, there is the scene where all the rope just break off by themselves, but where he was after he was free, no clue, maybe gatherin deceptacons and telling them his plans lol.

7)duh, he was a lucifer among angels he did not show his bad side until they went to earth for the first time which is why thay ganged up on him stole back the matrix and tried to protect it. it was that that created the robot civil war. my thing is why not jus destroy the matrix but i guess they needed it later jus in case for planets with no life

8)i wrote the prior comment before i read number 8. i agree with you here

9)that was the 1st movie this is two years later and the army is now workin with the autobots; i think they would have found a way to overcome that.

10) the movie didnt say THE sun it said A PLANET'S sun. in the movie there are planets with there own suns, it fiction, i mean they are robot aliens that looks like cars on earth, wat do they transform to when they go to other planets, need i say more. anyway if that is your problem, it would make more sense if the moon was the energy source, because in reality some planets have their own moons, some even have two. jupiter has 63

yeah right u'd say dont watch it, u were the one urging everyone to and ur goin to be the first to see the third one. you want a bash a move, how about Land on the Lost?.
anyway remaining friendly, i loved Transformers and i'm sure everyone else will and/or already does.

The Comic Book Novice said...

You do have some good counter points. But theyy didn't forget about the second piece. It was used to bring Jetfire back (remember the museum and the tazer scene?) and yeah, I'll be there for #3 (hey, a free movie is a free movie!), but I'm sure I won't like that one either....

Let me leave you with this....
How did they capture The Fallen?

Keisha said...

ok u r right but Sam didnt kno that the piece the military had was used to bring back megatron and was probably thinking the same way u were- if it killed him its not gonna revive him and so on and so forth. they still need the piece for the third movie which is prbably why the script didnt allow the military to kno about it, idk, but it sounds reasonable enough for me

...good question. the only thing i could think of is that maybe and this is a stretch- they knew they could not destroy him and when they sacrificed themselves they used some curse to banish him as part of it??? use ur imagination, the movie is already long enough

The Comic Book Novice said...

That is one thing I have to admit. It didn't feel that long or dragged out. Maybe I was too busy looking at Megan Fox