Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And knowing is half the battle......

With that one phrase (spoken twice!) I knew what kind of movie GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra would be. Yes, this is where I talk all about this movie, so......

This is a free flowing discussion, so spoilers may (and most likely will be) mentioned.

Yes, that is the one and only Rachel Nichols as Scarlett. Some of you may know her from shows such as The Inside or even the last season of Alias. she even starred in her own movie P2, but for some reason, most remember her as the half naked green girl in the new Star Trek movie.

So why am I taking up all this time talking about her? Well, mostly because she was one of the best things about the GI Joe Movie! Yes there was plenty of action, and yes Snake Eyes was pretty cool in it, but if my eyes were not distracted by Rachel, I might have hated this movie.

It tried so hard for me not to like it (plot holes, bad acting, bad writing), yet because Transformers was sooooo much worse, AND the fact that the movie didn't take itself too seriously, it gets a "pass". So yes despite its best efforts, I enjoyed GI Joe.

The best way to explain this is to compare the 2 Street Fighter movies. As mentioned in a previous post, by no stretch of the imagination was the VanDamme version a good movie, yet because the Chun-Li version was such a far inferior product, it actually raises the appreciation level of the VanDamme one. Now (probably because they are from the same "family") alot of people (myself included) are comparing the Transformer movies to GI Joe, and once again, GI Joe is raised by comparison of the sheer sucky-ness of Transformers.

While hanging around the Internet, I came across This guy's play-by-play of the movie. He pretty much nails it on the head.

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