Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"limited run" or "X week engagement"

Now that we are in August, and the best case scenario has passed, I am thinking about how to make sure the radio show come back to the airwaves. It just doesn't makes sense to me to go back to funding the show myself and (despite my best effort) I have been unable to get enough sponsors to carry the show on it's own. Then it occurred to me.

I thought way not do like a 6-8 week limited run? I actually have a few guests lined up and there are plenty of subjects that we haven't covered as of yet (as well as some good movies coming up for us to review). So really, content isn't a problem. I also have thought about what things I can do to fine tune the show slightly, and there may be some minor changes, but the core of the show (which is us talking to the general public about comics, sci-fi, and horror in a light hearted manner) will remain the same. So as promised, we will be back this month on Thursdays 9PM EST (as always). Once we are, I'll post on Thursday with the topic (or guest) of the week and Fridays the show will be archived on my site. I have to talk to a few people before I have an exact number of shows that we will do, so I'll have all that info next week! Stay tuned!

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