Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The day after Godzilla attacked our Independence in the year 2012

If you didn't get my attempt at humor, I am talking about the new disaster movie 2012 (made by the guys who did Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day, and the American Godzilla (amongst others)).

And as with all my movie discussions, spoilers may (and most likely) will be mentioned.

First off, this movie is looong, but it didn't feel like it, so that tells me the pacing was good. The movie starts off in 2009 (which was a bit of a surprise to me) where they get right to the plot. Crap is going to go down "very soon". Usually, there is one guy who knows everything and no on else believes him, but not in this movie. Right away, the President (played by Danny Glover) is notified and he let's all the "important people" know.

Soon after that, we are introduced to the "every man" the people who are going to have to survive (or at least try to) the disaster. Usually, these people are introduced separately and brought together by what ever the movie throws at them. Not in this movie, everyone is connected together in some way before crap goes down (which was a nice touch).

Now lets get to the destruction: Computers have come along way, but it still looks..."not right" somehow. But, these guys went all out (so far as to stretch your limits of plausibility to the max) with stuff blowing up (or down, or out) all over the place. No inch of the screen was spared. Usually, it's just one (or possibly two) big events and the rest id build up. Not in this movie. There are at least 5 different events (each equally huge) scattered throughout the movie (which once again helps with the pacing.

Out of everything going on, there was one guy who stood out for me....

Johann Urb (shame there is no dude-ipidea) He has "Hero" written all over him. Every time he showed up on screen, I was thinking, he could be Captain America, or maybe even the next action hero.

Now for the bad stuff....
The only thing that really bothered me (and only after I left the movie) was the really really good cell phones every one was having. As it stand now most phones don't work properly (dropping calls and bad connections and what not). But not in this movie. Despite the cell towers being destroyed (either by flood, earthquake, or just you know blowing up) everyone was able to call everyone else with no problems at all. They even mentioned that they had to turn off the switchboard because of all the phone traffic, and yet everyone was still able to make calls! In most horror movies, there is no reception and that is just with a guy in a hockey mask running around. Here, the world is coming to an end and everyone can still reach out and touch someone!

So overall, it was a decent disaster movie, the characters were more fleshed out than usual, the destruction levels were high and the cast was pretty decent. So go out and see it you only have 3 years to do so!

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