Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still shuffling

In an earlier post I mentioned that the radio show would move to Mondays. Then I said the show would stay on Tuesdays....
Here is the official word. The show will move to Wednesdays at 9pm EST starting next week!
What happened was this....As you know there are 4 of us who do the show, Charlie, Hassan, Myself and Herman. As time went on, their schedulles changed. So it worked out like this: Herman was only available to do a show on Mon and Wed, Charlie is good to go on Tues and Wed, and Hassan is fine with Mon and Tues. So no matter what day I choose, I would lose someone. Then last week, Charlie hits me with a bomb, he can only do the show on Wed. So if i Kept the show on Tuesdays, I'd lose 2 hosts.
Wendesday here we come! Best part? We get to go on at 9pm! at least more people will be up on the east coast!

Website still set to re-launch at the end of the month!

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