Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ideas vs execution

A lot of people have ideas. The world moves because of them. Some ideas are stupid, some can change worlds. Some people have less than others. I feel I am an idea man. I can sit and think of things all day long. The problem is that there are certain things I know I can't do.

Circumstances, timing and a whole slew or reasons let gerat ideas fall on the curb and the very smae circumstances cause bad ideas to make it through. Go to a library, movie theatre, or just go to youtube. There is alot of crap out there. However, in all that crap, there are gems to find. I;m sure there is some kind of fomrula out there to give the ratio of good stuff to crap that gts made.

So I can put on a good show. I believe I can make a good (entertaining) comic. I believe I can network and make good connections, but there are people out there who make all the money yet say "all I want to do is tell a good story". 90% of those people make crap and people just eat that up.

now that my little rant is over, here are a few updates:

If all goes well, my site should be 100% up and running by the end of this month.

The radio show will stay where it is (Tuesday nights 11pm EST).

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