Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rudy Colby

I love the internet. You can find just about anything on it if you know where to look. The problem is knowing where to look!

Before, when you wanted to see an old show or something from your childhood, you had two options: hope and pray for a re-run, or go to a con and hope that the "bootleg guy" had it on tape.

Everyone had a list of things they'd like to see again. I was no different. I wanted to see the final episode of Dungeons & Dragons, the final episode of Captain Power, along with a few other things. One of the most sought after things was something that I had only seen once, and couldn't remember the name (which made it the most difficult thing to look for let alone find). All I remembered was the theme song.

It was a show about a magician/superhero it aired on fox at 7pm on a sunday during the 90's and that was about all I had to go on.

then came along a little site called Tv Tango. The site has a huge database of all the tv listings from 1950 to the predent. It's like having all the TV guides available at your fingertips. So with a little work, I came across this:

Turns out he made 2 shows (yet I only remember parts of each one).

at anyrate, after almost 15 years, I found it!

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